Yikes! Boom Blox Brought in Only 60k in May!

16 06 2008

According to Gamedaily, the EA and Steven Spielberg game, Boom Blox, only sold 60k in the States for the month of May. The low sales place the title at number twenty-five on the list of top games last month. Given that there are 10.2 million Wii owners in the U.S., Boom Blox sits in only 0.6 percent of Wii houses.

NPD Analyst, Anita Frazier, claims that Spielberg’s game was looked over because of the recent “noise” of established IPs.

It’s still really hard for (a) new IP to breakthrough the noise in the market, and there has been a lot of noise so far this year. Between Super Smash Bros. Brawl, GTA IV, Wii Fit, Mario Kart and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 (to name a few), there have been some really high profile game releases. The game was really well reviewed so I’m suspecting the marketing just didn’t break through the clutter to the extent that they were hoping for.

To be quite honest, I think she’s right. I’ve been mildly interested in this title for some time, but I just haven’t had the extra cash to pick this supposed gem up yet. Did any of you manage to pick up a copy?





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16 06 2008

i was thinking about getting this game but then i thought well i want the mgs4 ps3 bundle so i went that way instead.

16 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

Good choice, MGS4 is awesome!

17 06 2008

I was going to but it seemed like every review told me to get it only if I planned to play with friends and my friends are not interested.

17 06 2008

I have the same problem. I just spent 90 bucks on wii fit and 60 on GTAIV. Not to mention 30 bucks to gamefly. I’ll definately at least rent this game if not pick it up. It’s on the very long list of good games I want to buy for wii. lego indy, no more heroes, zack and wiki, okami, blastworks and like five other games are just waiting for me to make more money. ugh. Being in love with Wii is more expensive than being in love with a girl. I didn’t even bring up the cost of accessories I really really want to buy.

25 06 2008

Thanks for the great article. Keep up the good work.

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