Dear Joseph, Here’s What You Missed This Week 6/9-6/15

15 06 2008

Hey Joe! In response to lat week’s DVDs, I bought Funny Games and The Signal. Funny Games was really intense. You’ll love it. As far as Ratchet and Clank…are you STILL playing Tools of Destruction? LOL What is this? Your fifth time through?

This was quite a week around here! TheSpeedGames are attempting to complete all seven Zelda Games in 72 hours. The’re asking people to donate to Giggles Therapy which is a reputable autism foundation. A new Racing game called PyroBlazer was announced for the Wii (as well as PSP and PC). It looks kind of like WipeOut or Starfox. I know you hate StarFox, though. Megaman 9 Might Be coming to Wii as well as Dead Rising. Adam Sessler from Xplay went on a completely awesome tirade about bigotry within Xbox Live’s online games. He’s my new hero! Shin Shan Did a great videogame bit last night as well. Other than that game news was pretty weak. Did you catch lat week’s episode? I reviewd Lego Indiana Jones for you.

Life in California is coming along. We’ve decided that we won’t be able to make it to Florida in July due to the fact that it conflicts with E3 (which I finally was invited to). I’m not sure why Nintendo’s press department is so resistant to us. Is it because we don’t kiss their ass? Is it because I gave Donkey Kong Barrel Blast a horrible review? I’m always frustrated to see some website who basically just cut and paste crap from NeoGaf getting review copies of games and press access. I’d like to think that original content would be more interesting but I guess not. Looks like I’m the videogame equivalent of Kathy Griffin..forever on the ‘D-List’.

We went to go see The Happening….sucked. Killer plants. WHAT A TWIST! We also saw the Hulk….Sucked. But you knew I’d hate it. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. There’s a great crossover scene with Robert Downy Jr. talking about S.H.I.E.L.D. Anyhoo, Shoot me an email back and have a great week! Oh, Happy Father’s day! Did Leto get you a card???





3 responses

16 06 2008
Mr Crowley

Dude.. i haven’t seen the Happening yet. Nice spoiler 😉

16 06 2008
Will D'angelo

Trust me, It’s not a spoiler…AT ALL. Otherwise I would have warned you.

16 06 2008

dude the hulk was awesome…so much better than the other one

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