NGamer Teases Capcom’s “surprising take on a next-gen favourite”

14 06 2008

Recently N-Europe posted an article stating that Spyborgs was not the “Ultra Top Secret” project Capcom was teasing Wii Owners about. The article says:

Issue #25 of NGamer Magazine features a very small preview of Spyborgs, with an enigmatic quote nestled within. “There’s a bullet with our name on it if we speak of their ultra top secret Wii title (a surprising take on a next-gen favourite), so we’ll stick to the safer, though still intruiging, Spyborgs.”

Very interesting. A next-gen favorite? There’s so many! personally I’m hoping for Dead Rising, Devil May Cry 4 or Lost Planet. Let the speculation begin! What Capcom franchises would you love to see on the Wii?

[Capcom Wii Project Still Coming – N-Europe]




4 responses

14 06 2008

well the one on the 360 had its issues. The game was ok but i wouldnt buy it for the wii since i already played it.

15 06 2008

I think the new street fighters

19 06 2008

Maybe they’ll take a cue from Namco and make “Street Fighter Legends.” Ick!

5 07 2008

I’m going with the Street Fighter idea.

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