Megaman IX Rated by OFLC, Coming to WiiWare?

14 06 2008

The OFLC (Australia’s version of the ESRB) has given Megaman 9 a ‘G’ rating and has classified the game as being multiplatform. Great news, right? Maybe. Sources indicate that the game is most likely on it’s way to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network however, given the size restriction of XBLA there’s a great chance the game could go to WiiWare as well should the game be a download. No platforms have been announced officially by Capcom so we’ll have to wait until E3 to find out more. I’m really excited about the possibility of a true Megaman sequel. Sure I loved the X series but Megaman needs to get back to his roots. Would you guys buy Megaman IX on WiiWare?

[Capcom registers ‘multiplatform’ Mega Man 9 with OFLC – Joystiq]




One response

15 06 2008

I hope that it is really comming out and that it comes out for WiiWare. ESPECIALLY if it is Classic Megaman (most likely, otherwisem it would say Megaman X9) 😀

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