Why I Love Adam Sessler and Hate Public Online Gaming

13 06 2008

This video NEEDS to be spread around the internet. I often stay away from public servers in my online games due to the people Sessler is talking about in this episode of G4’s ”Sessler’s Soapbox‘. I’m convinced that this is the reason there’s no voice chat on Wii. How can Nintendo cater to the widest audience possible when this is now the stereotype of the online gamer? Do you guys talk hard smack online? If so, Why? Sound off in the comments!

[Sessler Stands Up to Bigotry – GayGamer.net]




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13 06 2008

i cannot agree more with sessler. ill be the first to say that i can get angry while playing cod4 and i may have a bad mouth when im getting my butt kicked but i never start cussing at someone…i just cuss at myself. when people start being racist and homophobic i get really pissed and just take off my headset.

13 06 2008

Well i know the problem. Its these little kids that are under 17 that shouldn’t be playing these types of games. There is a reason for the age limit and that goes for a lot of reasons. First if your not mature you shouldn’t be playing halo for example, just listen to what Adam was saying. The point is these little kids bug mommy and daddy for game like gta4 games they shouldn’t be playing but parents are so ignorant sometimes to let them have it let alone allow them going online. What ever happen to ask your parents before you go online that type of stuff. I believe online would be better without annoying little kids who love to say bad words because they think its funny and they wont get in trouble for it. Thats so immature. I remember my brothers would say to me when i was playing games online to say a **** or something like that and they laugh well see that is why kids shouldn’t play online hence online would be more enjoyable end of story.

13 06 2008
Jesse Bramhall

I really have to agree with him there. I find it very annoying that in many PS3 games, there’s no easy way to mute everyone in the public Online mode. What’s worse, is that the nonsense plays through the TV speaker if you don’t have the mic on!

I still wish there was a easy way to hook up with friends and chat with them online mind you, but when it comes to public online games, silence is golden for me.

heh, makes me realize why everyone thinks Home will be a nightmare.

13 06 2008
craig tinney

oh thank god, finally someone is trying to get the ten year olds on xbox live to shut the fuck up.

oh thank god

13 06 2008
Evan Moore

I fully agree with sessler. When i get on xbox live to play Halo 3 and Call of duty. and by the way i am 13 but if you saw me on halo and call of duty you would know im not that kind of gamer. I’ll admit i get mad but i have no bad mouth AT ALL. thats how people should play halo 3 and call of duty and everything. its not cool and plainly if your one of these people that are saying,”pff this ****head muted me wat a loser” the reason he muted was because your the ****head.
People should act their own age and if your one of those 10 or 9 year olds. STOP PLAYING THEM or SHAPE UP!!!!!!

13 06 2008

Adam is pissed lol, but yeah thats the only way people can make themselves seem tough through online gaming

13 06 2008

Agree 1000%

It’s got to the point that despite how great some online game is it will always be ruined by some kid spouting endless profanities. I also hate it when they ruin the chat bar on PC games. For example someone will come on and write.


Die N***************errrrzzzzzz!!!!


etc. etc.

If you want a funny parody ofthis see the consolevania spoof of the Halo 3 teaser.

13 06 2008

I agree as well. I mean I do get mad and scream, but it’s usually at the game, not people. If someone is being a douche bag, then I mute them. it’s not cool and it doesn’t make you tough. I would like to see those douche bags say what they say to someone’s face in person. Let’s see how tough they are after that.

Even though G4 sucks, I still like Adam Sessler.

14 06 2008

that was awesome.

of the G4 cast, Adam was sorta near the bottom for me…. I always thought he was smart, just not much of a “tv personality”. but that video just totally catapulted him into a state of awesomeness.

he’s right on the money on all of his points.

the language thing, the gamer stereotype thing, the political thing, the 1st amendment thing……. NAIL. ON. THE. HEAD.

way to go, Adam. and way to go Will for posting it here…..

14 06 2008

I think a lot of people do it because of there problems in life. Either their girlfriends or Boyfriends dumped them or their teachers gave them a bad grade on the math test or their daddies can’t give them the money to buy that new “My chemical romance” CD. So they take their problems out on other people online.

14 06 2008
Zaruka aka Renjin

agree all the way that why i hate xbox box live on pc u get a idoit vote ban on most seveiors

14 06 2008

That just made me an Adam Sessler fan. Way to go Adam! There’s very good reason for what Nintendo does, or does not do. They want a good image not only for themselves, but for gaming as a whole. It’s a shame that people cannot be trusted to behave with a certain deal of respect and maturity.

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