New Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Trailer Surfaces on Youtube

13 06 2008

To tell you the truth, I only played through about a quarter of the first Tales of Symphonia game. The adventure never really grabbed me, and I never could figure out why I didn’t like Namco’s biggest RPG on Gamecube, either. Besides not being a fan of how much button mashing the combat system tended toward, the story just didn’t interest me. That being said, the footage for Dawn of the New World has me pretty excited. While the game definitely seems to be staying true to form, there’s something a little more edgy going on with the new Wii title. According to IGN, the game is slated for a November release. Are you excited?

[Video Via Nintendo Elite]




2 responses

13 06 2008

Yeaaaaah i will be the first to admit the first quarter of TOS was SO cliched and suvh a button masher it was insane but…my god, does the story EVER get complex and slap you silly with twists, not to mention by then your so strong you feel like a badass plowing down enemies..TOS2…if anything i’m just a little worried about the lack of anime cot scenes and an overworld (technically) either way…November!? aw man…i need some wii games to fill in for the summer and now early fall!

14 06 2008

…. meh.

it’s funny, a few years ago I would be absolutely drooling over a game like this. I guess my tastes have changed….

… at the same time, I think it just looks like there should be more anime and less 3D cutscenes….. so maybe my tastes haven’t changed, just their presentation.

either way: …. meh =)

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