Alone In The Dark Wii Trailer is Dark, Awesome

13 06 2008

Waaaaayyyyy back in 1992 I played the original Alone in the Dark in DOS on my ancient PC. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan of the series. I used to think the pinnacle of the franchise was the under-appreciated ‘New Nightmare” on the Dreamcast. I may have to change my mind. Now, I’m not going to kid myself. I’ll definitely be picking up the PS3 version for the graphics and the open gameplay and the graphics in the trailer above do scream ‘PS2 Port’. However, this trailer makes me think the Wii version is going to be very special. It looks like the developers really thought about the Wii controls and are using them in an engaging and clever way. That’s what the Wii is all about: getting you involved in the game. As of now, I’m truly excited for the Wii version of Alone in the Dark. How about you guys? New to the series? Old Fans? What do you think about the Wii version trailer?




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13 06 2008

There’s a chance that this game will be much like Red Steel: A great game in theory, but turns out to be only decent because of badly implemented controls.

13 06 2008

i agree. How they planned the game and how they have unique controls is great. But majority of wii motion games are not very responsive therefore making the game not as fun because of bad controls. Don’t get me wrong the trailer looks awesome, but are the controls going to be stellar as well? we’re just going to have to find out.

13 06 2008

I was really really looking forward to this game, especially for the Wii. I knew the graphics were not going to be on par with the ps3 version and I was willing to give that up for a more engaging experience (motion control)

But looking at that trailer I can’t say I am not disappointed. It looks like nothing more than an early PS2 game, ported to the Wii and some waggle was thrown in there.

Now I have a very hard decision to make, this just sucks. I was realy look forward to supporting “M rated” material on the Wii.

14 06 2008

honestly, I have somehow never seen an Alone in the Dark game before. I know to some people that must make it seem like I’ve been living under one of those rocks people live under when they don’t know anything….

but I really think it’s just dumb luck that I am totally new to this series.

I gotta say this game looks pretty sweet. sure it looks loaded with waggle gimmicks, but they actually look like FUN instead of just gimmicks. I mean it looks like a really deep, innovative experience.

also, I can’t WAIT to get some darker content on the Wii …. I know Nintendo must feel like they are in a tough spot because I’m sure they are cashing in so well because the family friendly image makes parents gobble up Wii gear free of guilt or stress.

BUT… I’m sick of PS3/Xbox friends thinking their consoles are superior just cuz they spill some blood (in many cookie-cutter sucky games).

I’m really hoping games like this and Tenchu 4 open the door for darker, more mature, experiences on the Wii.

have I mentioned I’m psyched for Tenchu 4? =D

23 06 2008
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