Highvoltage Dumps a Truckload of New Screens for The Conduit on IGN

12 06 2008

Hey Guys! IGN posted a substantial amount of screenshots for The Conduit yesterday! The new shots are of varying quality, so I’ve posted some of the best looking ones here. Head over to IGN to check them all out!

June 11th Screenshots of The Conduit available at IGN.




5 responses

12 06 2008

Looks good, hoping for a review Will, when this comes out:D:D

12 06 2008

Shows that the Wii does have something more under the hood.

13 06 2008

the second pic makes it look like a james bond game lol

13 06 2008

Holy crap! Until now, The Conduit has been looking pretty bad in the trailers and screenshots. If this plays in 60 fps, it will be awesome.

13 06 2008

On the second thought… It only looks okay. Wii games look better in motion, though.

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