Gameplay Video Surfaces for Tenchu 4

12 06 2008

Gameplay footage for Tenchu 4 has already revealed itself. Unfortunately, this first look doesn’t show anything too terribly inspiring, just a mild amount of sneaking, with a small dose of killing. Some elements of motion sensing are shown, but not nearly enough to gauge how well the feature is coming along. Graphically, the game seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

The original developers, Acquire, are creating Tenchu 4. From Software, who published Tenchu Z on 360, may either be publishing the title in certain regions, or could also be helping to develop the new entry in the series (I’m finding conflicting stories). The game is slated to be published by Ubisoft in both Europe and the States.

What do you guys think of the new footage?

Thanks GeekyDad for the heads up on the gameplay footage, and ChuckRich for the heads up on Acquire developing the title.

[Supposed Acquire/From Software Development via Kotaku]
[Ubisoft as Publisher via WiiFanboy]
[Video via JeuxFrance]




2 responses

12 06 2008
Zaruka aka Renjin

looks good but they need to addd new gameplay too it tenchu z was good old style but it was that the a old tenchu game with newer graphics. hopefully this will add more gameplay emelimst lol like being able to hang down from a roof to look in a window and stab someone though that

now that would be fun

12 06 2008

I agree with the above poster…. I think things are looking fine, but the game will truly shine if there are some gameplay, not changes, but INNOVATIONS….. and obviously by that I mean something beyond just, what do we call it around here, “waggle gimmicks”?

also, it will depend on the story…. it’s been years since I played the old Tenchus (though I’m replaying them now since I’m psyched about Tenchu 4)…. but I remember some parts of the plot were awesome and some were very bland “feudal japan in chaos” type stuff.

so, again, I would appreciate it if they put a good twist on that in the plot department, ya know?

honestly, it may be asking too much, but I’m kind of hoping this game makes me forget about MGS4 being the only game that makes me want a PS3.

the MGS series always kept the gameplay fresh and the plots really made you want to keep going to see what happened next (though I hope that Tenchu’s plot, unlike so many MGS’s, can be comprehended by our human brains!)


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