New Video Shows Lego Nightwing Taking Down Baddies with Lego Batman

11 06 2008

The Lego games are just one of those guilty pleasures I’ve yet to indulge in. Sure, I’ve watched my friends play through the Lego Star Wars franchise on Cube, but never committed to picking up any of the titles myself. I’ve always liked the charm of the Lego games, mind you, but I’ve continually had a million other games on my “to do list” to get through first.

Lego Batman is where my neglectfulness ends! With every new bit of info released for this Wii game, I’m find myself drooling over the idea of a darker, but still cute, Lego game. What about you guys? Do you wish all things were Lego in video games? If so, what’s your favorite Lego game?

IGN Video

IGN’s List of Lego Batman Character Profiles




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