Is the Virtual Console Bad for Indie Retailers? Pink Godzilla Follows Up

9 06 2008

A short while ago I started investigating whether or not the Virtual Console was hurting brick and mortar stores. We caught up with they guys over at Pink Godzilla to see what they thought. After the interview PG writer Matsu took it upon himself to write a great follow up article. Here’s an exerpt:

As dedicated collectors ourselves, there’s no replacement for the actual physical game. The ability to hold (gently, if you’re name is goban) and display the game or pop-it in the original system and play it like it was intended is what satisfies our thirst for collecting. Having access to our favorite games at the touch of a button such as on XBLA is no-doubt handy but there’s not much satisfaction in collecting digital versions games. (Especially on SD cards. Thank you Nintendo!) Of course to see games like Ikaruga in HD is pretty cool (if it’s well ported) but that only enhances the allure of having an original DC copy proudly displayed nearby.

It’s a great article and a great companion piece to the whole issue. So what do you guys think? Is the availability of rare games on the VC hurting smaller stores?

[Image source: Pink Godzilla]




4 responses

9 06 2008

I have to agree with the man. There’s nothing like having the actual cartridge or disc to play in the original system rather then have it store on a Hard drive. Not that it’s a bad thing. And not all games will be ported over to the VC or XBLA or PSN…

So I don’t think it would hurt stores like Pink Godzilla overall if people still want to collect(such as I since I still buy old games).

10 06 2008

NO fare…. why dose japan still have shops like that and we don’t

10 06 2008

If anything its making newer gamers more aware of the old games that came before, which can only be a good thing. And maybe the newer fanboys will realise its not about the graphics its about the gameplay that makes a game great.

10 06 2008

we have stores like that. gamecrazy has some of those old games and i have a place called game haven in my city that has a bunch of old games

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