People Use The Wii Less Than Other Consoles

5 06 2008

According to this information from Nielsen, The Wii is the least-used console out of the three next ggn boxes. The system doesn’t fare so bad in the 10-26 range but the 27+ range seems to be using their wii a whole lot less than their PS3s and 360s. What about you guys? Do you use your other systems more than your Wii?

[image and source via IGN]




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5 06 2008

Makes sense. The Wii has a lot less games and most of the games are mini game collections and how long can you play those?

5 06 2008

I own both a Wii and a 360 and find myself enjoying Wii games more than the 360. I play the Wii most of the time and usually only turn on the 360 to try out a demo or two. True there are minigames and shovelware to contend with but when you look at the top rated games on metacritic you really see how the Wii is different from other systems… it is trying to do new things rather than the same thing over and over… How many rip-offs of Halo can there be on the 360? Then again being a 33 year old gamer perhaps I am not so hardcore anymore.

5 06 2008

Interesting, I always wanted to see a chart like this. And Therin, no matter how old you are, you can still be hardcore!

5 06 2008

Just wondering. Does the PS3 figures include just gaming or blu ray watching aswell? Because yeah, that would make a whole lot of difference. Average movie is bout 90 mins long so just wondering how that would come into play

5 06 2008

I think the answer is very very very simple. Someone touched on it earlier with the mini-game type stuff.

But I think the real answer is that on the flip-side, PS3 and XboX games are “hardcore”. They’re long. Many of them you can’t even enjoy until you’re an expert at the game. I know you know what I mean.

Wii has a ton of pick up ‘n’ play games. Which also means you can just as easily walk away from them for a bit.

Now for me, I freakin’ ODed on Brawl and Kart for the weeks after each one of those came out. But now, I can play either game for an hour or two here and there and that’s enough, ya know?

I don’t think Wii should avoid making “hardcore” games… in fact I think the console needs a few. They just don’t have to be frat boy magnets like CoD or Halo.

Perhaps a good goal Nintendo should strive for would be “epic.” They need some more “epic” games.

They have RE4 and that’s great, but it was a re-release. Metroid Prime 3, that’s all well and good.

But somehow they gotta get in on something like MGS4… ya know?

5 06 2008

I only have a Wii, but I’d like a 360. I’d still probably play my Wii more than a 360, however.

6 06 2008

I do have a 360 and play Halo 3 constantly online. But I do play my Wii as much as I could. So I don’t know really…

6 06 2008

My Wii is in use almost 24/7.
The Wii has some fantastic games, plus some fantastic retro games. I don’t understand it…

7 06 2008
Giga Bowser

I have a Wii and 360 and I play them both around 50/50 so yeah I can’t see it but all in all still good figures I find

7 06 2008

I use mine every day for about 3 hours on brawl.

8 06 2008

I dont own a ps3 or a xbox360 but I do own a Wii and I play WoW on my PC more than I use my Wii due to the fact that lack of online in most Wii games makes them end once you beat them.

So I would say I put in maybe 5 hours on my Wii a month. If even. I bought No more heroes and Okami and Ive only put 3 hours of no more heroes and an hour of Okami. I find myself constantly drawn back to WoW. I got more PvPing I have to do on many of my 7 lvl 70s.

Online is everything these days. And the PC has been doing it longer than say the ps3. The xbox IS a computer pretty much so it makes sense that it has a stronger online component. The 2 whole Wii games I do own, Brawl and Kart, are fun but theres no component to the game to keep me wanting to play over and over online. Unlike in World of Warcraft where theres ALWAYS more items to get, more reputation to farm, more alts to lvl up etc.

15 06 2008

I have both Wii and PS3 i personally love both i have found myself playing both systems evenly mabye PS3 a tiny bit more.

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