Mario Super Sluggers Trailer

4 06 2008


Josh over at Wii Folder snagged this trailer off of the Japanese Nintendo Channel. I’m actually pretty excited about Mario’s latest foray into baseball. How about you guys?




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4 06 2008
Ace Attorney

Seems pretty cool. Hopefully there is a wi-fi feature and that there is more to it than wii sports baseball.

4 06 2008

It would be pretty crazy not to have wi-fi

4 06 2008

From what Ive heard of Boom Blox, it measures how hard you ‘throw’ the bomb or whatever to hit the blox. I think they should have that in this, it would feel more responsive and intuitive, say If you wanted to do a fastball or a curveball or whatever ( I know fuck all about baseball I live in England) like you would do the required actions, obv not super precise but I mean just like curve your arm a bit. Like you know how the bowling in Wii Sports works and you want to curve the ball so you get that spare. Something like that would be nice, much better than button press’s. Yeah leave em for like special moves or whatevs, but you know, let the wii do its thing with the motions.


4 06 2008

I actually really enjoyed the first one, so I’m pretty excited!

5 06 2008

I never played the first one, but after watching that trailer I think it’s shaping up to be a solid title.

7 06 2008

gotta say it, not excited. It seems to me that Mario is becoming over used. Not saying I dont like Mario games, I just think there throwing their only mascot into everything they can. As for the baseball thing, well I’m Canadian, baseball isn’t as popular here.

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