Win a Copy Of Wii Fit From The Wiicast! UPDATE!

1 06 2008

Once you buy a shirt, please email me your order number, name and address to

Okay guys! Our first shirt contest is GO! These attractive men and women’s shirts are the perfect accessory to your Wii Fit workout! Each person who buys a shirt will automatically be entered to Win a copy of Wii fit. The contest will last for 30 days. Once the contest ends, the shirts will no longer be available to purchase. An attractive shirt and a chance to win Wii fit all for just $15! Get to it!





4 responses

2 06 2008

Sweet I will probaly get it but might wait to another shirt on anothre game to come out

2 06 2008

When i get paid, i would buy a shirt for sure, i can’t find any copies of wii fit, so i would take any chance i can get

2 06 2008

Hey Will, will you be posting a counter of how many shirts are posted so we’ll know the odds of winning 😀

2 06 2008
deez nuts

Whats going on here? Whats with the tshirts? Can we stick to games and lose the shameless merchandising?

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