Lego + R.O.B. = Best. Combo. Ever.

30 06 2008

There’s this guy on Flickr named ‘Lego_Guy’. Go check out his stuff! Besides R.O.B. he’s created entire Smash Bros. setups using only legos! There’s also mini versions of Nintendo consoles, too! Check out the Flickr set!

[lego_guy’s Flickr – Via The Tanooki]


E3 Wish List: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers

30 06 2008

With E3 quickly approaching I though it would be fun to discuss some of the games I hope will be shown at the expo.

What the hell happened to FFCC:TCB? This game looks amazingly promising! Sqeenix has been very hush hush on the title ever since My Life as a King was announced for WiiWare and rumors have been floating around that the title was put on hold. Is this game gone forever or will we see it’s triumphant return at E3? Are you excited about The Crystal Bearers?

Dear Joseph, It’s Got What Plants Crave

30 06 2008

Dear Joseph,
Wow what a (slow) week! I guess everyone is gearing up for E3!

So this week I went to see Wall*E. WOW. If this film is not nominated for a best picture Oscar I’ll lose faith in the movie industry. It’s one of those films that works on two levels. It’s great for kids because it’s a pretty routine hero movie. For adults, however, there’s so much more. The subject matter was a lot darker than I had expected and really reminded me of Idocracy (which I finally broke down and bought). I also went to see Wanted. It was okay. Pacing was a bit slow but the action was very cool. It’s going to look great on Blu-Ray! Get Smart was just okay. It was hard to see Anne Hathaway as a sexy spy and not as the princess grand-daughter of Julie Andrews. As far as DVDs go, I picked up The King of California but have not watched it yet. I re-watched The Prestige on Blu-Ray and was surprised to like it even more than in the theater. David Bowie as Nicola Tesla is truly creepy! Oh! Wayne made me watch The Departed. I actually really liked it! Aside from the really bad New England accents I thought it was smart and very well shot. Did you ever see it?

As far as games go this week I’ve been really addicted to Space Invaders Extreme on the DS. If you have $20 lying around I would really recommend picking it up. It takes the classic Space Invaders formula and really brings it into the modern age. I’m playing through Alone in the Dark for the Wii so I can review it this week. I won’t say much about it because I don’t want to spoil the review but i will say that it has some really interesting and unique gameplay elements. Most notably a DVD style interface that let’s you skip parts of the game. Also, If you’re looking for a “mature” game with a decent B movie story you might want to check it out. I picked up Battlefield: Bad Company and I’m having a blast with it. Also I found that copy of Zelda: The Minish cap you lent me. You can’t have it back yet, though. I’m playing through it again. Did you know that supposedly The Minish Cap is supposed to be the First Zelda game in the timeline? I thought that was pretty interesting. I’m loving the story too. The Minish forged the Picori blade and gave it to Gustaf, the hero of men, to rid the world of evil.

As far as news goes this week there are a couple of notable stories. Jesse finally cracked the iTunes code and the show is now available for download in iTunes! Eternity’s Child was supposedly not coming to WiiWare in North America but a conversation with Luc Bernard cleared up the confusion. Apparently Europe is the focuc but We’ll be getting it as well. Samba de Amigo might be getting maraca shells for the controllers (yay!). Oh, this one is good. A Castlevania game was FINALLY announced for the Wii but it’s a fighting game. Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed. Also Megaman 9 was announced exclusively for Wiiware and caused quite a commotion with the choice to do the game entirely in the old school NES 8-Bit style. The creators of Parappa the Rapper are bringing their marching band simulator Major Minor’s Majestic March to the Wii complete with Baton Twirling!

That’s about it for this week. I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for E3. I can’t believe I’m finally going. It’s going to be awesome! Give Leto a meaty bone for me!


The Wiicast WiiWare and VC Roundup (6/30/2008)

30 06 2008

Here are videos of today’s Wii Shop Channel update, as well as info on each title according to the press release.


Magnetica Twist (Nintendo, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone-Comic Mischief, 1,000 Wii Points): The classic puzzle game Magnetica is now available on WiiWare , putting its own unique “twist” on the puzzle-game experience. You’re surrounded by marbles, marching slowly but surely down a track. Use a launcher (piloted by a Mii of your choice) to shoot marbles with matching colors and wipe them out before they reach the end of the track. Control couldn’t be simpler, as all you need to do is twist the Wii Remote controller to aim and press the A button to shoot. And the game play remains as addictive and deep as you’ve come to expect in Nintendo’s puzzle games, with five varied play modes, advanced mechanics such as the ability to lob marbles, and a never-ending supply of combos. This definitely isn’t your typical game of marbles.

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A Truckload of Fragile Screenshots and Concept Art, Posted on IGN

30 06 2008

If you’ve not heard of Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, the game is a futuristic RPG from Namco Bandai. In the story, the world has lost its population and a young boy named Seto must search abandoned cities, trying to find the truth behind the disappearance of all people. Exploration seems to be a major feature in Fragile. Players will use the Wiimote as a flashlight to search the darkened corners of empty buildings, for example.

More screens after the “Read More” link. The game looks very exciting and eerie to me. What do you guys think?

[IGN – Screenshots]

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New Fast Paced Skate It Trailer! “Oh Yeah!”

30 06 2008


EA’s new trailer is short, and to the point. The game looks to be boasting some decent graphics for Wii. The gameplay is looking intense, and action packed as well. Balance Board support sounds like an incredible feature, but the current lack of an online mode puts a major blemish on the entire package. What’s your take on the Wii rendition of EA’s Skate franchise?

De Blob, Now With More Armpit Farts!

30 06 2008

If you weren’t going to buy THQ’s De Blob before, maybe the color revolution in chrome city beginning with an armpit fart can change your mind! The sultan of smash’s game comes out September 22, 2008, be prepared!

[IGN – Trailer: De Blob’s Tale]

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