Wiicast T-Shirts Now Available!

29 05 2008

By popular demand, the first batch of Wiicast T-shirts are now available for you to drip ketchup on while eating a hamburger! Screw donations, right? You want something physical in return for supporting us! Well, now you can have your very own piece of Wiicast memorabilia! They’re so cool, you may want to by one for everyone on your block! Click the banner on the sidebar and get your credit card ready! Thank you for supporting The Wiicast!

We will also be doing a monthly feature where a shirt based on a game will be available to purchase for a limited amount of time for a low price and every person who purchases one will be entered to win a copy of the game the shirt is based off of.




5 responses

30 05 2008

Cool, I hope the first game the T-shirt are based on are on Wii Fit 😉

1 06 2008
Jimbo Jones

Love the WiiCast and all, but $20 is a bit steep. Will you offer any “sale items” later on?

1 06 2008
Will D'angelo

The regular shirts have been dropped to $15 for an introductory period.

2 06 2008

Nice! I’ll try to buy one ASAP

7 07 2008

how do i order these things.

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