The Wiicast Episode 89: Fit Dog

28 05 2008

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Wiicast 89: Fit Dog
Will can barely contain himself as he reviews The Dog Island! We take a long, hard look at Wii Fit and discuss taking down Charlies in mechs in our Shop Channel Pick of the Week!




12 responses

28 05 2008

Good episode this week 🙂
And I finally got a proper sense of what The Dog Island was about.
Thanks Will. Keep up the good work 🙂
*thumbs up*

28 05 2008

Hilarious Episode! The laughing part was awesome, made me smile. Too bad you didnt film yourself during wii fit, that would have been funny aswell.

Keep it up 🙂

28 05 2008

How come I couldn’t find this on

28 05 2008

LOL! YOUR LAUGHTER IS CONTAGEOUS IN DOG ISLAND!. best wiicast in a couple of weeks

28 05 2008

Nooooooooo dose the Dog dies 😥

28 05 2008

haha that was hilarious. it made me want to know what happens to the terminally ill dog lol. why wasnt this on gametrailers?

28 05 2008
Will D'angelo

It is. GT usually posts the shows later.

28 05 2008

The Dog Island is very disturbingly cute! XD

29 05 2008

I cant believe hes 38… I always thorugh he was 28 or something like that..

29 05 2008

I was cracking up 🙂 great episode

29 05 2008

lmfao im def renting Dog Island for the ending, oh and by the way, when he did his fitness age he said he was 7 years younger than what it said (31) so that would make him 24 =P der der der pwnd lol

31 05 2008

oh lol… didnt listen properly then

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