Sega Launces Official MADWORLD Site, Internet Wets Pants

25 05 2008

According to Sega’s MADWORLD site those are the only colors used in the game. Oh, I’m excited. The website is pretty bare only featuring a few screenshots and the debut trailer. They also mention that a Japanese release is still undecided as previously reported. There’s some cool text content such as:

Often times, brutality is expressed in a spiteful nature. There are already plenty of games out there that hit this mark; however, we decided that MADWORLD’s brutality should be aimed at providing the user with a sense of exhilaration during play.

To give you an example from gameplay, we have a scene where you can pull a street sign from the ground and shove it into a enemy’s head. However, I thought that it is much more fun to stab someone with a sign that actually has some sort of meaning as opposed to a knife. We tried the idea out, and the reaction amongst the team was so positive, I knew this was the way to proceed.

While one type of action is already fun, one of MadWorld’s most innovative points is the ability to link and layer these actions together. For instance, you can grab that enemy with the street sign through his head and throw him against a spiked wall.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

[MADWORLD Official Site – SEGA]

Wiicast Gallery: MADWORLD





2 responses

26 05 2008

I hope they decide to release this in the US

27 05 2008

I hope the controls are not gimmicky. SMG type interaction for a 3rd person action title is the optimal for me. Just replace shaking the wii-mote for a spin punch attack with impaling someone on a wall of spikes. Mmmmm good times are a comin’ 😉

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