Factor 5’s Kid Icarus: DO NOT WANT!

25 05 2008

Many people jumped for joy when they hear the news that Factor 5 was working on a wii project. That hype multiplied when a rumor surfaced that they would be heading up the Wii version of Kid Icarus. I’m not excited at all. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed. Yes, we all know Factor 5 was a blessing for Gamecube owners. Their foray into Star Wars and the ability to push the GC hardware will always be remembered. Why then am I not jumping for joy? Read on.

During the early cycle of the Wii everyone was concerned about third party support. Would Nintendo heal third party wounds of the past? Would we het quality third party games? and the most important: Would Factor 5 be on board? Dreams were shattered when EGM reported the following in October of 2006:

Factor 5, currently developing Lair for the PS3, deemed the Wii a “GameCube 1.5” in reference to its relatively similar technical specifications, also describing the console’s audio ability as “relatively mediocre”.

I was certainty disappointed. The company was currently working on the PS3 exclusive ‘Lair’, a fantasy game involving riding dragons and shooting fire.

Lair was panned by critics for it’s terrible motion controls, choppy framerate and overall lack of polish. Factor 5 responded with comments about the fact that it was a first generation title and there were still bugs to be worked out. The then blamed ghosts (literally) for the game being bad along with staff’s family members passing away.The situation got worse when Sony started sending websites “Review Guides” instructing them how to properly review the game.

The story doesn’t end there. This is where my faith in Factor 5 began to dissipate. After the Lair fiasco, Factor 5’s president, Julian Eggebrecht, criticized motion controls saying “I see motion-sensing as a complimentary, additional new step in terms of controls and where it fits you should use it and where it doesn’t fit, don’t force it,” he said. “Please don’t force it.” Here’s a guy who built an entire game around motion controls and now he’s criticizing another company for using them? The developer has since added a patch to make analog controls available for the game.

This year Factor 5 announced it was working on a Wii title. The team said their Wii engine “Does all the things the PS3 engine did, and and then some.” In this writers opinion the failure of Lair prompted Factor 5 to jump on to the rising bell curve of Wii’s popularity and this new “Me Too” attitude is suspicious.

The Wii’s crux is it’s motion controls. Some developers have the hang of it (Capcom) and some don’t (Sega). It’s not an easy thing to accomplish. If Factor 5 couldn’t get a hang of the more simplistic Sixaxis controls, do they have a chance with Wii? Kid Icarus is one of the most anticipated reboots of all time. Outsourcing to Factor 5 instead of handling the game in-house will be a bad move for Nintendo. Now, there’s every possibility that Factor 5 will make an incredible Kid Icarus game (if the rumor is true). However, given their recent tract record and comments about motion controls, I’m hoping they’re not involved in the project. How about you guys? You think Factor 5 has what it takes to make a comeback on the Wii?




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25 05 2008

CRAP that spells it out CRAAAAAP

25 05 2008

well, now that you put it that way I’m ffffing HORRIFIED.

son of a b!tch…. I am so psyched about a Kid Icarus game. I don’t care who makes it, they better not ffff it up!!

Will –

isn’t there a chance that if the game is really bad Nintendo could step in and say “ya know what, we’ll take it from here.” ??

it would delay the release a ton, but isn’t it possible that Nintendo would really be concerned with getting this one “right” and not let some 3rd party group screw it up??

25 05 2008

I think that nintendo will keep an eye on it. If factor 5 doesn’t step up and deliver Im sure the Big N will delay and go from there. I hope anyway, But you never know they could pull of one hell of a game.

26 05 2008

Nintedo, if they green lit Factor 5 for this, better keep a close eye on this and also send a rep from their tech department to teach F5 how the motion controls works.

UGH I hope Nintendo takes this and does it themselves. Either that or maybe (if F5 fails) give the job to ex. Clover, Platinum Games inc. (since they did such an amazing work on the õkami for the PS2).

26 05 2008

Not once was I ever excited about this. From the get-go I was against it, mostly though because Kid Icarus wasn’t the kind of game Factor 5 makes in the first place.

26 05 2008
Instant Classic

I think this whole “Factor 5 is making a Kid Icarus game”-blabla is just a buch of unfounded rumors and wishes. Kid Icarus is one of the most anticipated games for the Wii, although it’s not even announced, but everybody knows/hopes that it’s coming. So Nintendo would be very stupid to leave such a big title up to someone else, especially to someone like Factor 5. I mean, what’s the last big 3D action-adventure from them you remember? Rouge Squadon III on-foot mission anyone? And I don’t think Nintendo would let Kid ICarus become a shoot’em up. Seriously, forget about all that BS, there is no Kid Icarus in development at Factor 5.

26 05 2008

This is still only a rumor. There has been no announcement for Kid Icarus as of yet, so Factor 5 being named as the developer for this title is mere speculation.

That said though, I do agree that if Nintendo were to reboot Kid Icarus, they should handle it themselves and not outsource it.

26 05 2008

someone mentioned that this likely won’t be a shooter.

I kinda think doing something like Panzer Dragoon would be sweet…. anyone agree?

flying around, swooping in and out of danger, using the wiimote to target baddies and firing that awesome bow constantly.

maybe there could also be some on-foot levels where Pit went back and fourth between shooting w/ the bow and slashing w/ the… same bow. people that played Brawl (everyone) knows what I mean! =)

27 05 2008

shiz, damn!

27 05 2008
clever snorlax

like some are saying there isnt even a kid icarus game in dev. at F5. people just want F5 support and a kid icarus game so, they put the 2 together trying to satisfy both wants. i think if F5 should tackle any nintendo franchise it should be starfox.

27 05 2008

If F5 is devving this, they need to nail it properly. Another flop would be suicide.

27 05 2008

i would think they would do kid icarus in house but they did let retro studios do metroid prime

30 05 2008

All I have to say is my friend tied to convert me to a PS3 fanboy soully with lair. the reason: I love Dragons. I even said if lair came out that earlier it was going to suck. all I have to say is I FREAKING CALLED IT!!!!!!!

Im not looking forward to Factor 5 working on any game anyway considering what they said.
If youwondering they said something around the line “we enjoy more realistic games and do not care for Fantasy” or somehting to that extent. I just hope they don’t work on Kid icarus. Honestly cxan you imagine a game about an angel who dosen’t fly or have any magical abilities whatsoever…or and it’s set in LA and involves a mofia instead of monstors… and his magic bow is replaced with a machine gun. Hmm.

5 07 2008

So let me get this straight, they blamed Lair’s mediocrity on the fact that it was a first-generation title? Bull.Crap. Have They already forgotten about their success that was Rouge Squadron 2, which also happened to be a LAUNCH GAME?! Then again, you could put it down to the fact that Sony consoles are notoriously difficult to program for. Anyway, if they do mess up Kid Icarus, I will personally take them all down.

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