The Second Best Video You’ll See With a Monkey All Day: The Samba de Amigo Trailer

23 05 2008

I say second best because THIS will always be the best monkey video. The trailer brings back a lot of sweet Dreamcast memories, especially the inclusion of the original title theme. Could I really be getting excited for this game? Yes. Yes I could.




2 responses

27 05 2008

games like this make it hard to be a proud Wii owner. Casual family games are fine, I have no issue with them, Wario Ware, when they’re clever and interesting. Silliness like this is a drag. I’m gonna go slice some guys up in No More Heroes.

9 06 2008

Just wondering…why are they playing the game with 2 wii remotes, instead of the wii remote attached with a nun-chuck?

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