I’m Obese! Also, Wii Fit First Impressions

23 05 2008

As promised by Gamestop I was able to buy a copy of Wii Fit this morning. Actually this is a funny story now that I think about it. Wayne and I had to get up early in order to get to Gamestop right when the store opened. See, the copies of the games they had were pre-orders nobody claimed. After driving around for almost 30 minutes we finally found the mall which turned out to be only about a half a mile from our new place in Antioch. Everything went smoothly enough, I traded in some games and Viola! Wii Fit was mine. We then proceeded to stop at Cinnabon for breakfast. Surely Cinnabon would be the perfect thing to be seen eating while carrying a fitness product! Our excuse was that we’d burn it off at home using Wii Fit…

Once home, I unpacked Wii Fit to find the (unusually heavy) Balance Board, software and extension feet for carpeted use. I attached the feet and started up the software. I’m sure you know that Wii Fit works like Brain Age by giving you a ‘Fitness Age’ after a short test. I was able to take this test after a short calibration of the Balance Board and the selection of a Mii.

The Test consisted of inputting you height age and standing still for a while. Yay! Exciting! That’s when they dropped the bomb. Apparently when you’re 24 years old and 5’7″ tall weighing 200lbs is considered obese. OBESE? Aren’t obese people confined to wheelchairs and have to buy two seats at the movie theater? Guess not. It was pretty depressing to watch my Mii grow in size in relation to my newfound BMI reading. He just kept getting bigger and bigger and I was almost sure he was going to pop. He didn’t, however.

We’re Obese! That’s Depressing.

After your dreams get shattered and you realize you’re not as hot as you thought you were the game has you take a balance test. The test consists of shifting your weight left and right to try and keep two bars in blue zones that get progressively smaller. I was surprised to find out that my balance was largely supported on the heels of my feet. Not good according to our helpful balance board friend. The game will then let you set a goal of how much weight you want to lose in a certain amount of time (22lbs/month max).

The meat of the game is the training exercises. They are split up into four categories: Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics and Balance Games. Yoga was pretty easy to start, the first exercise is learning how to breath deeply. Ha! I already know how to do that! Take that Wii Fit! You then move on to more difficult poses. Strength training is interesting. There’s an activity that’s basically push ups but after each one you twist your body and lift one arm up towards the sky. That one is evil. It’s tough and feels like a real workout. Aerobics is a mixed bag. There’s running in place, step aerobic which is like a DDR game on downers and Hula Hooping. Hula Hooping will make you look like an idiot but it’s really intense aerobic exercise.

The balance games are a nice addition. Tightrope walking, Precision skiing, Ski Jump, Football Heading and others round out the collection.

Watch As I Fall On My Ass!

In closing, Wii Fit really felt like a workout which makes me think it can actually help me lose weight. However, I’d need to couple this with a gym membership to see real results. I haven’t explored everything the game has to offer yet so look for a full review soon.




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23 05 2008

I don’t see me buying this right away. maybe when there are more games that utilize the balance board, I may consider it.

23 05 2008

Is there anything on the game’s box or in the manual that shows a weight limit for the balance board? I’m not TERRIBLY obese, but I weigh about 250lbs. Just want to know if I’ll break it once I’ve spent the money I don’t really have on it.

23 05 2008


I heard the max was 330lbs. So go for it!

My gf and I got Wii fit when it came out…. we love it. We’re both in pretty good shape, so maybe that helps since we don’t feel too self conscious or whatever.

In any case, yea, Wii Fit isn’t the most hardcore work out, but it IS A WORKOUT. and I think that’s awesome…. video games are becoming purely beneficial! as video game lovers, we should all embrace this!!

just imagine the fun games Wii Fit + WiiMote + Nunchuck could yield!! I can’t wait to pilot a mech completely via my own body mechanics!! ^_^

23 05 2008

Is it possible to change the units to the international standard? I have a hard time with all those feet, pounds and miles and would much appreciate to be able to see the results with meter and kilo.

23 05 2008


I’m not sure….. are you living in Europe? If so, I bet the EU version of WiiFit would use those measures….. just a guess though.

24 05 2008
Will D'angelo

Sam, The only way to change units of measure in the North American Version is to change your language settings.

24 05 2008

holy balls, 200lbs?? maybe you should buy 2 copies of wii fit. TAKE THAT, WII-MAN!!!

25 05 2008

Well BMI is a rather wishy washy way of figuring out if you are “fit” enough.
I don’t have this.
yet! I just need to know it will be used for more than the exercises, minigames and ski games.
(me have limited storage space)

25 05 2008

This is sad…
I am from Brazil and have a North-American Wii. But even though Spanish is more similar to Portuguese, I am more comfortable reading in English…

This language choice is like on DS (made on the system) or inside the game?

Thanks for the replies!

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