Igarashi “Still Against” Castlevania on Wii

19 05 2008

This Gametrailers interview with Koji Igarishi is mostly about the new DS Castlevania game. However, the interviewer asks him about the possibility of a 3D Castlevania on Wii. Igarashi-san is still against the idea of action games on the Wii. He says he wants people to play Castlevania games for long periods of time and having it on the Wii would be tiring. He goes on to fully admit that all 3D Castlevania games sucking is totally his fault. Oh snap!




3 responses

20 05 2008

Why not on Wii???? I played Twilight Princess for hours and I didn’t get tired, they can make it works with Castlevania too…. I loved Castlevania 64, I would love a Castlevania on Wii.

20 05 2008

what a load of bullcrap! zelda is a game you play for hours and hours and you dont get tired! same can be said about metroid. thats a stupid STUPID reason

21 05 2008

I agree that all 3D Castlevania games suck so I’m not sad that they don’t want to develope one for the Wii. The DS is the best system for Castlevania, honestly.

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