Today’s WTF Moment: Mad World

14 05 2008

The rumor is that this is leaked footage of Platinum Games (formerly members of Clover [Okami]) new Wii project, Mad World. I have no idea what’s happening in this video but I’m digging the style. Freaking amazing. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.




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14 05 2008

The link for the video is not working, but I find another one on youtube and the Game looks Great :D, looks like No More Heroes, which is good.

Can’t wait to see more of this game 😉

14 05 2008

well, the video isn’t working anymore…

14 05 2008

14 05 2008

AjaxXx the link leads to a video dosen´t work 😦

14 05 2008

There’s an embargo on the game. Anyplace that puts it up will probably be taken down soon enough.

Still, I saw it on a site. It looked cool stylistically, but I couldn’t really tell anything about the game except that it’s violent, and that alone isn’t enough to get me excited.

14 05 2008

Watch it fast! If it gets pulled search “Mad World Wii” and maybe you’ll find it again.

14 05 2008

crazy. u should have a weekly WTF moment on the wiicast

14 05 2008

For anybody who hasn’t been lucky enough to catch a look at the video somewhere before it’s taken down here’s what happens (courtesy

The video begins with the caption “CHAINSAW,” followed by a beefy guy in metallic, future-armor putting a chainsaw through another guy. There’s a high-contrast, almost black-and-white look to the visuals. The video then cuts to “ROSE BUSH” and our hero pushes an enemy into an array of horizontal spikes. Then “HEART SURGERY” and a Kano/Mola Ram heart-ripping maneuver. The character walks toward the camera as a list of wrestling-esque move names fills the screen: “Flat Tire,” “Spike Press,” “Death Express,” and others. Then the logo appears (“World” is inside a chainsaw blade shape). The video ends with the caption “CAUTION SIGN” followed by a clip of a guy being beaten with a sign.

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