The Wiicast Episode 88: Boom Winds

13 05 2008

This week we talk about Guitar Hero IV, More Mario Kart, Review Boom Blox and LostWinds and much more!

UPDATE! Please Replace “tetris” with “Jenga” in the Boom Blox review.




13 responses

13 05 2008

Awesome episode Will. I agree with you 100% on Lostwinds

14 05 2008

why isn’t this video on gametrailers any more?

14 05 2008

Small mistake in your lost winds review…

10,000 points? Don’t you mean 1,000 points?

14 05 2008
joe beater

Tetris like? You mean Jenga, right? I see nothing wrong with paying $50 dollars for a game. I hate how it’s all about value now with reviewers. Mind your own buisness on teh subjective opinion of how “valuable” a game is. Nice PS3 in the beginning… TRAITOR!!!

14 05 2008

Two awesome looking games and two good reviews, cant wait til i get my hands on both of them.

14 05 2008

Great show, I enjoyed it!

14 05 2008

Could you PLEASE not put the full intro of the games you review in the future plz?!? tenc iu

14 05 2008

Good show Will!
I agree that it’s nice to play with people in real life than online on MK Wii…but I just hate playing with split screens. And you can take a guest with you online from the same Wii, so it kind of rounds it out. Anyway, I’m interested in both the games you reviewed. I just hope Nintendo makes an external HDD for the Wii so we could store all these great WiiWare games someday…

There was no VC pick of the week…but I guess Lost Winds is sort of like one.

14 05 2008

Nice review, i really gotta play Boom Blox. Don’t Worry about your MK review. It was perfectly fair.

14 05 2008
smash bros. fan

it didn’t work for me.

can someone help? pls

14 05 2008

ummm wow I didn’t expect Boom Blox to be any good

14 05 2008

What were those strange songs between the segments

15 05 2008

Good review I am defently going to try out Boom Blox

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