New Wiicast Features!

12 05 2008

Another weekend filled with site updates. It’s Like (Insert Favorite Winter Gift-Giving Holiday Here)! So what do we have in store for you this week? The answer: Optimization. What does that mean? Hit the jump to read (and find out how to use) the new features we’ve implemented this week.

Wii Optimization:

When you visit The Wiicast on your Wii you will now be presented with an easier to read and navigate interface. You’ll be able to read posts, watch Wiicast video, comment and navigate links.

iPhone Optimization:

The Wiicast is now formatted for the iPhone as well. When you visit you will be presented with an iPhone style menu of posts with a drop-down menu to navigate pages. You can also log in, make comments and enjoy all of the features of the regular Wiicast website (except watching video).

iPhone View

Profiles/Member Directory

You will notice a new page has been created called “Site Members”. This page contains a member directory. Here you can click on any member name and view their profile. In profiles you can show a custom icon, recent comments (and posts for authors), link to your website, allow users to contact you by email and display biographical information. The option to edit your profile should be available upon login.

Profile Example

Please take advantage of the new features. Also, make comments about how well they work (or don’t). Oh the default icon for people who don’t have an avatar is now the Wiicast Mii. Please upload you own avatar to change this.




2 responses

12 05 2008

Awesome Will! Was definitly a cool suprise to check out the site on my iPod and find everything nice and big =)

13 05 2008

The website kicks butt! Works on Wii and iPod touch better than ever. Wiicast RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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