First Impressions: LostWinds

12 05 2008

I booted up my Wii this morning to find the shop channel had updated with WiiWare games. I’ve been really excited about LostWinds since the debut trailer earlier this year. Well 1,000 Wii Points (and a lot of deletion of VC games to make room) later, the game was finally mine. What’s it like? How does it control? Hit the jump for my first impressions of LostWinds.

LostWinds is an interesting mix of genres. On one hand it’s a 2D style platformer. On the other hand it’s a puzzle game. However, aside from the obvious I found it to be a very relaxing experience.

The presentation is really stellar. LostWinds exhibits an amazing sense of connection with the character and surroundings by infusing (I assume) a Peruvian look and sound that’s completely zen-inducing. Your curser gently gusts fauna as you pass by while soothing hand flutes serenade your every move. However, the game quickly transforms into a mind-bending puzzle once you start to gain the powers of the Wind Spirit. No longer is your cursor docile but instead it becomes the main way to interact with the world. Sure, you move around with the Nunchuck but the cursor does most of the heavy lifting. Holding the ‘A’ button and drawing an upwards slash through our hero will cause him to float upwards to reach high ledges. Slashing through a waterfall to make water splash on a sapling will make it grow. The wind can carry fire from torches to destroy enemies. It truly makes you feel like you’re a part of the world.

There’s also a pretty deep story to be told. I wont get into details but it’s pretty Zelda inspired. The bottom line? LostWinds (so far) has been a truly unique experience and completely worth the 1,000 Wii points. Look for a full review on this week’s episode of The Wiicast,




13 responses

12 05 2008

LostWinds really is a great game i can’t recommend this game enough definitely worth the 1000 points.

12 05 2008

this game looks amazing. i really need to get this game

12 05 2008

the game seems badass, i’ll be d-loading it today, thanks will. 😀

12 05 2008
ace attorney

I’m buying it this Saturday.I will have a review on the boards probably by late this Saturday night, or I might have to delay it ’till next Saturday.

12 05 2008

This game is wonderful. I agree very mellow and relaxing and the contols are wonderful more devolpers should take note. So worth the 1,000 pts

12 05 2008

I’m really enjoying it so far. I totally agree with you Will about the relaxing feel of the game. This is the game to get for Wii Ware so far in my opinion.

12 05 2008

Can’t wait to buy it! I really think it looks better than most 50-60 dollars games right now. And It’s 10 bucks! W00T!

12 05 2008

WiiWare, if it continues to deliver on this level of quality for downloadable content, could really seal Nintendo’s dominance this-gen.

13 05 2008

Really looking forward to Wii Ware, whenever it comes to Europe? LostWinds looks awesome, cant wait for the review. Keep it up Will!

13 05 2008

Ahh found it on the board, 20th of May! ;-D

13 05 2008

Lost Winds is a great example of what wiiware is capable of. Can’t wait to see the reved-up Dr. Mario game coming next week to the US.

13 05 2008

Lostwinds is an awesome game

14 05 2008

When the fuck is WiiWare going to come to to Europe?

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