First Impressions: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – My Life as a King

12 05 2008


So, all of this WiiWare nonsense is EXCITING! 5 new games to be checked out. I thought I would dive into Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. A mouth full I know. I must admit. I didn’t know too much about the game. I had read on forums and such about the game being SimCity, Final Fantasy style. There is some truth to that, but there is so much more going on under the hood. So sit back, grab something to drink, and lets get TO IT!!!

Lets begin with the simplistic game play mechanics going on with this game;
1) Micro management
2) RPG
3) Turn-based

Those are a few, but the general ideas behind My Life as a King. Before we talk too much on those, I want to start off by saying wow! The graphics are awesome! Don’t get me wrong, Galaxy and Smash still hold the candle on the graphics for the Wii. But for something I downloaded? Fantastic. It’s everything you would expect from a Final Fantasy game on the Game Cube. That’s not a dig either. As long as you keep in mind that your dropping $15 bucks on the game, it looks great.

The sound is also well done. I did notice the main theme coming up maybe too frequently. We will see what happens as time goes by. But for now, I’ll let it pass. I also noticed that the sound kind of breaks. Especially when the music gets high pitched. Could have been my T.V. speakers, but no other games do this.

Controls work perfectly. You move your character around with the nun-chuck. The Wii-mote is left for basic actions such as pressing “A” to initiate an action. “B” to back out. “Waggle” to summon your friend. Nothing intuitive, but effective.

Enough beating around the bush, lets get onto the meat! First, lets talk about what the game is about. Basically it boils down to this:
-You are a prince. King now since your father has died or disappeared.
-You have been traveling with 2 companions. One is a knight. He was your fathers general. The other was your fathers adviser. She acts as your tutorial throughout the game.
-You find an old deserted village, where your father once ruled. It has since been destroyed.
-The life bearing crystal gives you the power to bring back buildings, based on your previous memories.
-Start building!

If you have ever played and RTS (real time strategy), then you will feel right at home. Certain characters will offer to become warriors as you build houses. These warriors are your bread and butter. You can choose to take up their offer to fight for you, or simply say no. This is all based on wether or not you can afford them. Just like in real life, any job gives you pay. So if your not bringing in the scratch, sorry. No warriors for you.

There is no direct combat in the game at all. When you send your warriors out daily, there is a small indicator on the top right of your screen. It tells you where they are, and what they are doing. Tell them to just run out into a dungeon and get EXP? No problem. How about killing that pesky Boss in there? No problem. Think of the fighting like this: There is a giant battle between two armies. You know how the generals/kings chill in the back giving orders? That’s you. You can also assign items/weapons to your warriors. Pretty sweet stuff.

I’ve rambled on for WAY too long as is.

First impressions? Grows on you. I can see this being addicting. Check back later this week for the full review!

P.S. Did I mention there is down-loadable content for this game? EPIC!




7 responses

12 05 2008

heard this game was great

13 05 2008

It seriously is. And it’s addictive. I didn’t eventually miss the battling part because I’m so busy thinking about how to manage my kingdom. It’s already Day 25.

The story also does develop over time, which is pretty cool.

13 05 2008

I’m gonna hafta pick this up after that new Dr. Mario game next week!

13 05 2008

Great game glad i got it also.

13 05 2008

Looks good. I’ll get it once i get more Wii points

14 05 2008

the wii does not have enough memory to sustain everytyhing thaht i want. Oh, and btw…when is Wiiware coming to Europe?

14 05 2008

This game just keeps getting better and better!!!

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