RUMOR: Castlevania: Judgment to be Revealed Today?

9 05 2008

Okay, this one is a doozy. Try to keep up. A while ago a new Castlevania game popped up onthe ESRB website for the DS. Shortly after that Siliconera uncovered another trademark entitled Castlevania: Judgment. Fast Forward to this past week’s episode of IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat. Matt Cassamasamassaimimia Talks about an event Konami had this week which they’ll be able to talk about on Friday (today). During said event a previously unannounced game was shown for the Wii/DS and they received screens and video to be distributed. Many are guessing it’s Castlevania. Wouldn’t that just make you wet yourself? On the other hand, it could be another Elebits sequel….ugh. Only a few more hours and we’ll know for sure. I will most certainly be over sleeping so I’m sure I’ll miss the big reveal. feel free to talk about it in the comments if and when it happens.




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