The Wiicast Episode 87: Mario Kart

6 05 2008

The best part about the new website? You get The Wiicast as soon as each episode is in the can.

Episode 87: Mario Kart
Pack with me! We talk about Rock Band, Boom Blox, Samba de Amigo, The Dog Island, Review Mario Kart and ‘Catch ’em All’ in our Virtual Console Pick of the week.




17 responses

7 05 2008

I’d have to disagree with you saying the wii wheel sux. Yes when you fist get it you’ll suck with it. πŸ˜› All you need to do is practice with it and you’ll be able to make precise movements with it. It can defiantly keep up with the control stick. I’ve used the wheel the whole time and have all gold trophies on 50cc, 150cc and 150cc (unlocked mirror mode), a star rank on each cup in 50cc, and my VS rank on Wi-Fi is in the mid 6000’s. Also I can keep up with my friend’s really good time trial times and he uses a G-cube controller. So if you just practice with it I’m sure you’ll come to like it. πŸ˜‰

7 05 2008

another great review will good job

7 05 2008

crap mk review! he’s just wrong on so many levels

7 05 2008
Giga Bowser

I’m sorry Will but you got alot things wrong with this reviewshould just a buy it in my opion and I love wii wheel but the wiimote and nunchuck is more accurate it’s still a great control scheme and about the online at least you can do random matches without being lag fest which I been hearing about SSBB and it didn’t have voicechat either and the are balance and you can win with skill also I got hit by 2 blue sheels and still came 1st in that race but sometimes the items can mess you up but that’s mario kart and will always be like that and I bike a good addition the drifting is very different andyou can get extra boost when you do a wheely on a straith path but the karts and bikes are balanced since you can get two mini-boost with a kart and only on with a bike and by the way the pow block is NOT over powered you can easily aviod it and big mushroom only last for a few seconds so that what I had to say peace

7 05 2008
Josh klug

will it be up on game trailers

7 05 2008

Good Episode, although I was a little dissapointed at the MK review. Giga B has some good points. Good luck with the Move though!

7 05 2008
J. Tech

I’m sorry but that wasn’t a review of Mario Kart Wii. That was a video about all you dislike in it. So much information was left out. Like The number of tracks, what characters an how many are in the game, unlockables but most of all the best part of the game after the main racing game which is time trials and ghost mode. Like how you are ranked after a time trial and then on the ranking screen are given a ghost to race against who is just a little faster than you so when you do beat him you also beat your own fastest time. The hallmark of a great game is when it shows you your improvement and thats just what this does.And How about the Nintendo experts? Yes on the ranking screen,which is a graphical representaion of a high score list are racers from Nintendo that you can race against. Oh I slmost forgot, when you do beat a ghost your ghost goes up for people to race against. All in all a shoddy review probably rushed out so you could get back to GTA IV.

7 05 2008

Awesome episode & review Will.

7 05 2008

Well, I can’t say that I would agree with your review on MK Wii, but I can’t disagree either. I rather like the Wii wheel. It took some getting used to, but it became fairly natural after long play times.
I do have to agree that SOME power-ups are overpowered and make the game slightly unbalanced and frustrating. For those that say that it makes the game more challenging, well there’s THAT and “Cheap and frustrating”. And on the harder difficults, it falls in the latter catagory.

But to each their own…sorry to ramble.

7 05 2008

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7 05 2008

I’ve had MK:Wii several weeks now (I live in Europe, where I think they released it a bit before NA).

And your review was pretty much spot on Will. I can understand that people are saying ‘hey luck of the items’ has always been a big factor in Mario Kart. Well in this version i think they put it a bit too far.

I think the problem is that because Nintendo have adopted this ‘appeal to the whole family’ or ‘play at a party’ dynamic that they want to make sure everyones a winner….and so the items are designed to give an even playing field where everyone can get 1st now and again.

I’ve had countless of online races where I haven’t deserved to win and have, and when i’ve deserved to win and haven’t.

Previous Mario Karts weighted item luck and skill 50/50, but now I think it’s 60/40 in favour of items.

Having said that the games tracks are great, I like the Wii wheel more than you did, and the multiplayer is flawless in its reliability, just a shame thats it’s more luck than skill.

7 05 2008

It’s not always luck though, If you know the track and how to race a few blue shells woln’t change your place in the race. If you race with the same people online and somebody if not you keeps getting first, Are you guys gonna tell me it’s all luck?

7 05 2008
jack mehoffer

You’re way off on teh wii wheel. I wish you would really play these games before “reviewing” them. You made no mention of any of teh unlockables or trials beyond… well anything. You basically cried liek a bitch about getting hit with POW blocks, which aren’t even that big of a deal. Can you play through these games befgore slapping together footage of teh first level and giving a half-assed summation of how you felt after a first impression? By the way, playing with teh wiimote on its side is exactly the fucking same as using the wii wheel, only it feels more awkward.

8 05 2008

gotta say you’re really laying it hard on mario kart wii. i love this game to death. i know this is just a review, so i’m not really going to say much but the fact that i disagree with a lot of what you said regarding the game. the wii wheel is superior to all other controls for the game πŸ˜€

8 05 2008

Ok, first off…

BAD review.

You say multiple times that the POW blocks are overpowered, but you are ALL wrong. There is TWO ways to dodge the POW blocks, so you do NOT lose any speed.

First method, is to obviously, be in the air.

Second method, is when the pow block is in it’s 3rd stage (flattened), just before it’s due to spin you, flick UP on the wii wheel. This will make you do a trick-esque thing. This will spin you once, HOWEVER, as soon as you’ve rotated ONCE, you’ll keep going at your previous speed. You will know you’ve succeeded in this trick, because during the single spin, a bright blue circle will appear under your kart, telling you it was successful.

Now anyone who DOESN’T use the wii wheel is a COWARD, and afraid to get used to new things. Yeesh.

9 05 2008


You are a shining beacon of internet-video-game-y goodness, BUT… yea… I must disagree with most of your points regarding Kart.

to say that you are “wrong” is incorrect since it’s your opinion (that’s why we’re here… cuz we value your opinion). but not today, my friend.

*wheel = friggin’ awesome peripheral
*voting for tracks is a MUST. if it was simply majority rules you would never NOT play Coconut Mall or Rainbow Road since that’s all people seem to vote for =P
*Bikes = sharper turns (potentially saving time) & wheelies for extra speed
*Karts = better power sliding, handling, top speeds.

anyway, we all still love you, we know you were pressed for time making the website awesome, but maybe let Kart sink in for another week or two and then throw us another one sentence reaction? see if your opinions change at all….

11 05 2008

Very good honest review! Look forward to more just like it. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one dissapointed with MK.

Keep it up and good luck with the move!

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