Samba de Amigo to be First Retail Wii ‘Pay & Play’ Title?

6 05 2008

According to the box art over at Gamestop, Samba de Amigo has a ‘Nintendo Wifi Pay & Play logo’. What could this mean? Will we be able to download new songs? New characters? Ponchos of some kind? I guess we’ll find out closer to the game’s release this august.




4 responses

6 05 2008

Downloading new song would be cool but I guess we half to wait to see.

6 05 2008

this may be what rockband should have done

6 05 2008

sounds cool. I might get the game though. it just doesn’t really appeal to me

7 05 2008

I wonder is the P2P for new songs or to play people online. Also is nintendo only doing P2P for 3rd party games?

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