Carmen Electra Not in Wii Pole Dancing Game.

5 05 2008

Wait, you didn’t know there was a pole dancing game for Wii? Well, now you do. Peek-A-Boo Pole dancing is currently in early development for Wii. However, according tho the official website, Carmen Electra will not be involved in the project. TechDigest had previously reported that the game would include ‘D’ ‘A’ list celebrities such as Electra and The Spice Girls. Peek-A-Boo is currently “in talks” to develop it’s aerobic stripping software. To quote the press release:

Peekaboo and its partners are focussed on using Wii friendly hardware to make aerobic pole dancing instantly accessible just as Guitar Hero did for rock’n’roll.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes will be encouraged to work on improving their skills, with the firm focus on fun and fitness as per the core brand values of Nintendo Wii.

Right but will it be more fun than Wii Fit?




3 responses

5 05 2008

this cant be real.. can it?

5 05 2008

this is a joke isn’t it

6 05 2008

strippers don’t get their bodies from stripping…

they have to be hot to become strippers…

or so i seems

anyway: sounds lame

but could be fun when wasted.

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