Gaming for Autisim Kicks Off on June 13th

31 05 2008

It’s that time again! The guys over at TheSpeedGamers are attempting to complete seven Zelda games in 72 hours for Autism. Last time, the group helped raise around $1000 for the cause. Let’s make it bigger this time! You can keep track of when the marathon will start with the handy countdown clock on the sidebar. Here’s all the info:

Details: We will be gaming for Autism live on web cam June 13th-16th. The Autism organization we are gaming for is Giggles Therapy. For more info, their website is 2 web cams will be used to keep traffic minimal and to prevent lag for viewers. All the audio will be from the same source so that you can here the host clearly. The 2 web cams will give you different views, one of the host, another a direct stream of the gaming action. 3 gamers will be completing 7 games in 72 hours. Heres the list of games . The Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Majoras Mask, Zelda:Windwaker, Zelda:Twilight Princess 3 hosts (not the same 3 who will be playing the games) will be reading through emails and keeping things interesting. We will be giving out Zelda games and merchandise to a few lucky people who email us. Upon completion of each game a name will be drawn. That means a total of 7 chances to win.
Follow all the details on the official website HERE. Also I’ll post the live feed on the site! Good luck guys!

Wiicast T-Shirts Now Available!

29 05 2008

By popular demand, the first batch of Wiicast T-shirts are now available for you to drip ketchup on while eating a hamburger! Screw donations, right? You want something physical in return for supporting us! Well, now you can have your very own piece of Wiicast memorabilia! They’re so cool, you may want to by one for everyone on your block! Click the banner on the sidebar and get your credit card ready! Thank you for supporting The Wiicast!

We will also be doing a monthly feature where a shirt based on a game will be available to purchase for a limited amount of time for a low price and every person who purchases one will be entered to win a copy of the game the shirt is based off of.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 announced, Probably Not Coming to Wii

28 05 2008


As much as I’d like to hope and pray BGE2 will be coming to wii, I have to be realistic. The trailer above (which is beautiful) doesn’t exactly represent the Wii’s strengths. Still, the first game was multiplatform so I guess there’s a glimmer of hope.

Wiicast Gallery: Beyond Good and Evil 2


No Proper Rayman Game Ahead, Raving Rabbids 3 Coming This Holiday

28 05 2008


Sure, I love those Rabbids as much as the next guy but I REALLY want a proper Rayman game. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party was announced by Ubisoft today and is set to release around the holidays. This new addition to the Rayman franchise includes Balance Board support for butt-wiggling mini-game fun. check out the screens below.

Wiicast Gallery: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party


The Wiicast Episode 89: Fit Dog

28 05 2008

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Wiicast 89: Fit Dog
Will can barely contain himself as he reviews The Dog Island! We take a long, hard look at Wii Fit and discuss taking down Charlies in mechs in our Shop Channel Pick of the Week!

The $4 Wii Fit Mat

27 05 2008

So when I picked up Wii Fit last week I thought it would be a good idea to pick up one of the Wii Fit Mats as well. I asked the cashier to see one and noticed the price was $30. $30!? No, No, No. That won’t do. I can make the EXACT same thing at home for less than $5, I thought. Wanna know how? Read on for the VERY EASY instructions. Read the rest of this entry »

You’ll Never Guess Why Motorcycles Were Added to Mario Kart

26 05 2008

So I was flipping through last month’s Issue of Game Informer when I noticed a tiny sidebar about Mario Kart based off the ‘Iwata Asks’ interviews at It seems that Miyamoto made the decision to include motorcycles in Mario Kart Wii to make more boys want to play the game:

I thought we could make the world of Mario a little more for boys, so I agreed right away about adding an extreme-like element to the game.

I guess he thought Kart Racing was for girls. Is it? I use karts way more than bikes. Have I been a girl this whole time? Excuse me, I have some soul searching to do.

[Iwata Asks –]