The Wiicast : Episode 86 – Okami’s Ransom

24 04 2008

This week we review Okami, take a look at an exclusive trailer for a never-before-announced Wii game and rumble in River City in our Virtual Console Pick of the Week.




7 responses

24 04 2008

Splatterhouse 360/PS3 only it seems –


and yes, okami is amazing, Ive got it on PS2 and its epic! You think its over and boy you’re only half way thru. shame not so many people played it. Hopefully now they will.

25 04 2008
jack mehoffer

That thing in the beginning fucking sucked, but dandy episode otherwise. Why are there lines going through your footage of games?

25 04 2008

LMAO! My Mother would do the “You must pat the rent” thing when the opportunity arises! XD

Oh, and RCR OWNS!

26 04 2008

The Wiicast sure is getting a lot of mileage from that one Radiohead song.

26 04 2008

Okami has far too many loading screens and unskippable cut scenes

27 04 2008
heywood jiblowme

The loading time was reduced and you can skip the cut scenes on teh wii version you cunt fucking retarded aids-ridden faggot.

29 04 2008

still far too many times you see that dog running, sweetcheeks honeycake… 😉

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