Five Things I Hate About The Wii.

18 04 2008

As much as I gush about Nintendo’s little white box, there’s things I dislike as well. Here’s a short rant of things I hate about Owning a Wii.

#5 Two Color Disc Art

Game covers can be amazingly beautiful. Artist put a lot of time and effort into making the covers of games look the best they can. Why are Wii owners stuck with lame dual color disc art that looks like it was printed using a LightScribe drive on someones HP instead of glorious full color like those other consoles? Would it really increase costs that much for full color printing?

Two Color Discs, For Shame.

#4 AA Batteries

Come on, Nintendo! Would it really been hard to add a USB connection port to the Wii Remote? You’ve got TWO on the back of the Wii that are unused! Why must you make us buy hundreds of AA batteries?! WHY?!

The Nyko Charge Station.
A must Have for any Wii Owner.

#3 No DVD Playback

Well, We were promised DVD playback via an ‘Internal Attachment’. Where is it Nintendo? It’s been two years! Even the Gamecube had a version that played DVDs (The Panasonic Q)!

#2 512MB of Internal Memory?

Seriously? Even with the plans to launch Wiiware and hundreds of Virtual Console games available we still have to micro0manage our memory by deleting games or moving them onto SD cards. What gives Nintendo? How about external HDD support? C’mon, you know you want to!

SD Cards. Better stock up!

#1 Shovelware

Okay, we get it. The Wii is VERY popular. This does not mean that you can let any dude off the street release a piece of crap game on you system. What happened to the Nintendo Seal of Quality? Now, it’s just The Nintendo Seal. What happened to the quality? If you put more time reviewing 3rd party software for quality, core gamers would be much happier.


So there it is. My top complaints about the Wii. What about you guys? What irks you about the system?




8 responses

18 04 2008

I agree about the internal memory issue. I also hate that third parties are dumping crap on the Wii. I have the Nyko rechargeable battery pack, so no worries there. But Nintendo should’ve made the wii-motes rechargeable from the start…

But one thing I don’t agree with is about DVD playback. Why does anybody want that on their Wii’s? I mean c’mon, it’s a GAME system, not a DVD player. You can buy those for cheap these days.

18 04 2008

i have to agree with s-pac. i think right now everyone has at least one dvd-player at home. i don’t think its necessary.
but the other points…yeah, theyre all true. and i have to add: loose the friendcodes and give us voicechat!

18 04 2008

It’s not necessary, but it’s what was promised.

Another thing that I thought for sure that I heard was that we’d be able to play VC games online with friends. I was -really- looking forward to that, but oh well.

18 04 2008

I think those top 5 hit the nails on the head.

my gf gets free batteries from work, but eventually we’re gonna get rechargables because it just feels wasteful!

the lack of DVD is prolly my biggest complaint… I have to swap out the cables for our PS2 every time we wanna watch a DVD… that just feels wrong =P

lastly, I’m ok with the “shovel ware”. there have ALWAYS been god awful games – that isn’t new. what I think IS new is the chance to play a cheaper, SURPRISINGLY good game. I mean, isn’t it nice to take a chance on a title that YOU think looks fun, instead of what 3 dozen websites and tv commercials TOLD YOU was good??

that said……….. thanks for doing the WiiCast, couldn’t live w/o it! 😉

and hey, I know we all love the Wii or we wouldn’t be here. I mean, honestly, I have never been so psyched and downright proud to own a console before!!

Wii will rock you. =)

18 04 2008

Isn’t this an odd thing to have on a Wii Focused blog?

First off, like said above me most people this day and age has a DVD player. I’d rather have no DVD player then the price of the wii raise significantly for it’s inclusion.

And as for shovelware, if people would stop buying them they would go away.

18 04 2008

I agree with your points but one thing that is making me mad is that the online system i think is kinda crappy. I mean for brawl it is a great game but they somewhat took out the competitiveness out of it and it became really noob friendly (im probably gonna get **** for this but its what i think). I would’ve rather waited X amount of days/months to have nintendo fix the online system for brawl ( or any other game) and fix the friendcodes, add voicechat or atleast any type of communication for online and most of the matches i have played have been laggy. I was so hyped about brawl and once i got it, im not gonna lie but i was kinda disappointed. It its a great game and every wii owner should have but it just seemed to noob friendly to me.

21 04 2008

I understand your points, but you have to understand that Nintendo is a family company. I Halo 3 you hear a LOT of people cuss all the time. Since a lot of kids play the games, they might feel bad when somebody cusses them out. I heard that in an interview about brawl, even though kids that can’t take the cussing should just suck it up, Nintendo could still be sued, somehow.

The Wiicast really nailed the 5 points. I really hate the small memory capacity, and those covers for the discs suck without color.

22 04 2008

I also agree with all of the points that have been made. Personally, I have begun to hate the Wii Menu. I’m just so very very bored of it, and would love to see it spruced up a bit.

Also, I would love to see the Wii be a little more online friendly. I’m talking about using it to communicate with friends online and such. Oh how I’d love to see a buddy list on there. Computers have bought families living abroad closer together – I’d like to see the Wii do a bit better in this regard.

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