The Wiicast Episode 85: Baroque-en

17 04 2008

This week we take a special look at three WiiWare games, ‘Review’ Baroque, chat about the Nintendo Media Summit and review yet another shooter in the Virtual Console Pick of the week.




8 responses

17 04 2008

Wow! Good Little Britain reference. I’m surprised you guys get that in the States!

17 04 2008

i thought rewtbeer was joining the show?

he would be a great addition in my humble opinion.


17 04 2008
josh krouse

ok i just have to say one thing great improvement over last weeks show i am really glad that you guys changed and improved this weeks show after last weeks show now i will keep watching you wiicast.

17 04 2008

For anyone who does enjoy a bit of level grinding. I think Baroque is great. it’s one of those games that once you pick it up you can’t stop playing. Yes, the dying does suck a little.. but actually that is how you progress in the game! thats right.. you die! the games story progesses a little bit more every time you die! you can’t even do the tutorials until you die! but soon you begin to develop a strategy and will try to stop playing, but it’s hard to because you always want to know whats on the next floor!

It’s one of those games where you know that whats on the next level… random shit! but you begin to wonder if that random shit will help you uncover your past or make you the strongest dude in the entire game! I think it’s at least rent if your interested. game addicts beware!

17 04 2008
Jan Hoos

I really love the new style in between the movies! Its a lot more proffesional than the ones you used! It looks very web 2.0 stylish 🙂 ( gawd I hate that term 😛 )

19 04 2008

Wil, I’m not to say I hated the Baroque review, but maybe you should read this and then possibly re-review. Not nessaraily in your next show just a mini review. Thats all, good show.

19 04 2008

agreed! gave this game a way better chance than you did it seems. Maybe Baroque isn’t your type of game, but maybe you didn’t give it a fair chance?

21 04 2008

Will, good job with the show, keep up the good work. For you guys that think that Will did not give the game a good chance, why don’t you make a review video, and send it to him. I am sure he will post it.

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