IGN Likes Okami Better Than Twilight Princess

12 04 2008

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. How about you guys?




6 responses

12 04 2008

Personaly, like TP better, maybe its because I dont embrace Japeneese culture as much as I do American..

12 04 2008

Twilight Princess is American culture?

American culture is Nascar and a style of Wrestling which involves soap-opera drama and celebrity endorsements. That’s about it.

12 04 2008

All I’m saying is I’m not into japeneese art, or anime (god, I hate anime). And since TP does’nt have shamisen clings in the backround or obviously asian symbals everywhere, I just embrace more with what I can connect to, like elvish boys in green and mosterous rolling creatures. 🙂

13 04 2008

im going to wait tell the wiicast dude does a review of this before i buy. I havent really looked into what this games about, just saw that ign review right now.

14 04 2008

Looks great, makes me regret that i have the PS2 version. maybe I’ll go and beat the PS2 version xD Orochi or whatever the dragons name is dying and not completing the game after just made me way too pissed.

16 04 2008

it looks so cool better than twilight wow i can not wait to gewt my hands on this game 🙂

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