Wiicast Video Review: Obscure: The Aftermath

10 04 2008

Take a look inside Fallcreek University and decide whether or not the b-movie game is a hit or a flop.




10 responses

10 04 2008
gillius thunderballs

Where’s teh fucking wiicast? He’s probably busy playing his playstation 3… fuckin traitor.

10 04 2008

Gotta stop messing with yer format buddy…LOVE THE Wii CAST! But be consistent!

10 04 2008

give the guy a damn break!
he doesn’t get paid for this you know! and i’m glad i got this.
it sure is easy to judge online
isn’t it?

10 04 2008
heywood jiblowme

Doesn’t get paid? You don’t see that amazon store there on the side bar? How about the fact that there wasn’t even an explanation as to why there was no show this week. Stop blindly supporting this guy. It’s ok to once in a while point out a flaw in an otherwise, completely flawed program. What the fuck does its easy to judge online mean? Yeah, it is easy asshole.

10 04 2008

Thats his point. Its easy to judge someone online. You’ll probably never meet them and really understand whats happening.

10 04 2008

learn to enjoy and appreciate whats in front of you
and not judge and tear it apart

13 04 2008

Okay. Shut the hell up. So what if he didnt post a video this week. Are you aware of what might have happend? One, computer or software got glitchy. Two, Camera messed up. three, his interent could have gone down. four, too busy. After all he does have a day job. five, just lost track of time. I mean he’s only human and besides he has done his job on this site for the most part everyones allowed a break evewry now and then.
Anymore reasons I need to explain?

Oh one more reason. The banners pay for the site, not for him to do this. All the banners do is allow him to keep this site from being a pay to watch site. How much money would you pay for weekly reviews of games on the net? Morwe than your internet costs monthly?

13 04 2008
josh krouse

Hello i was a little disapointed with this weeks wiicast i didnt see a virtual console pick of the week at all 😦 and i was upset to only see one review, there was no news at all, and i didnt see you i mean when youm are on camera it is much better and i liked it when it was at the studio and at home either way but if this was just a one time thing that just happened i will be okay but if this is repeated i will get upset and may stop watching the wiicast for a little bit. but i can understand if this was because there were technical problems with things but dont just not tell us i mean it kinda went right into the review you didnt tell us anything otherwise at all 😦

16 04 2008

Definately not judging him…I LOVE the Wii CAST….I watch every week.

I run a monthly web series myself and know that anytime you change your format…you loose viewers.

I know that it’s tough to be consistent some times…but the more true to your format you stay…the more viewers you attract.

21 04 2008

did that guy say traitor? you make it sound like the wii is its own country. whats the matter with playing on a different system?

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