Sam and Max Season One Coming to Wii This Fall

4 04 2008

Ah, the mid 90’s! When boy bands roamed the earth and point and click adventure games were king. Lucasarts was on top of that point and click revolution with games like Full Throttle, Loom, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle and most importantly, Sam and Max Hit the Road. Sam and Max was an interesting game for it’s time. Pairing a noir-ish Dog in a suit with a manically insane rabbity-thing, based on the comic book series by Steve Purcell and later syndicated into an animated television series, Sam and Max fleshed out their spot in geek culture. Last year, to everyone’s delight, Telltale games revived the franchise with an episodic series available as downloadable chapters through outlets such as Gametap and Steam. Once again the public fell in love with Sam and Max making these bite-sized ‘episodes’ some of the highest selling PC content of last year. As season two hits it’s stride, Telltale games has announced that the complete first season of Sam and Max Freelance Police will hit the Wii later this year. Needless to say, the Wii is a perfect fit for this series. While other Point and Click games have been ignored in the US (I’m looking at you Zak and Wiki) Sam and Max may have the clout necessary to bring the genre back to the public eye and be successful on the Wii.

I contacted TellTale about the possibility of Season 2 coming to the Wii and their comment was ‘Most players will want to start at the beginning’ No plans are being made for season 2….yet.

[Via Press Release]




One response

5 04 2008

Cool, The Wii is indeed a perfect fit for these games. I never played these games on the PC so I may try them out now on the Wii…

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