The Wiicast Episode 84: The Wiicast Pinball Special

3 04 2008

This week we take a trip to The Pinball Hall of Fame and Museum in Las Vegas to Review ‘Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection’ Plus we review every pinball game available for the Wii Virtual Console! Also, don’t miss a special announcement about our ‘Final Smash Tournament’ at the end of the episode.




7 responses

3 04 2008
keith courage in alpha zone

I hope you like pinball!!! Good job comparing the tables… I gotta say though… you died like 5times in 30 seconds on that first one. Was that the best take?

3 04 2008

Pinball is a lost relic of times gone by. I would love to see new pinball machines in arcades again…

3 04 2008

I’m going to pick up the game tomorrow.

3 04 2008

Great episode, i always sucked at pinball but i did enjoy the Metroid take at it on the DS.

3 04 2008

it seems like you are really into pinball – so let me suggest checking out ‘visual pinball’ and ‘future pinball’ for the pc (both freeware with large collections of tables available) if you haven’t done so yet.

btw. the funhouse “head” is named rudy 🙂

4 04 2008

********* This was an AMAZING wiicast!!! I’ve watched a ton of episodes and all i can say is this ep is one of the best imo. With that kinda content we didnt need viewer mail…lol. A+++ ********

4 04 2008

What’s the name of the song at the end (rewtbeers reminder)? I like it!

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