Nintendo To Bring ‘Brain Age Mobile’ To iPhones

31 03 2008

You’re looking at the very first screenshots of Brain Age Mobile for the iPhone. Nintendo has decided to partner with apple to bring some of it’s popular titles to Apple’s handheld device. Brain Age Mobile will be the first title available from Nintendo for the iPhone when the application service for the device goes live in June. Other titles such as Big Brain Academy Mobile and Flash Focus Mobile will follow throughout the year. Sounds like a great way to bring these franchises to a wider audience.

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4 responses

31 03 2008

haha april fools very funny

1 04 2008

that was kind of a bland april fools joke don’t ya think?

2 04 2008

it wasn’t posted on April fools day

2 04 2008

it’s obviously fake, first off the game wouldn’t say “Slide to begin” it’s not like it’s the home screen or anything. and the second picture looks stretched and not proportioned correctly (note the music notes on the top part looks flattened, therefore making it fake overall, it’s just something done by Photoshop. Besides if it was done by Nintendo they wouldn’t keep the same color scheme and minigames as Brain Age 2, that’s just lazy.

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