April Fools Contest Start!

31 03 2008
CONTEST EXAMPLE (Click to Enbiggen)

That’s right kids! It’s contest time!

For our April Fools contest I’m asking you, the reader, to create a fake Wii game cover. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a catch. You MUST use the Videogame Name Generator to create the title of your game. Once you have that part done, design a cover and email it to TheWiicast AAT GMAIL Dawt Com. The contest begins now and will end one week from today (next Sunday) The Winner will receive 2000 Wii Points to buy the Virtual Console or WiiWare games of their choice.

Anyone can enter.
Wii points will be given via a code sent by email.
Submissions must be original and in jpg or png format
3 finalists will be picked at the conclusion of the contest and will be voted on via a public poll.




5 responses

31 03 2008

can we submit more than one cover?

as in, multiple games.

not multiple versions of the same game.

1 04 2008

The link doesn’t work.

1 04 2008

Nobody will beat me! Bwahahahaha!

1 04 2008

win or lose, i hope to get shown on the next wiicast

2 04 2008

I tried to do the best I could with what Random Game Name Generator gave me…so hopefully it’ll turn out ok.

Also this does need to be featured on the WiiCast as a community spotlight.

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