The Wiicast Episode 83: Superstar Knight

26 03 2008

This week we talk about Gimpy Rock Band, Sonic Unleashed, Review Sega Superstars Tennis, Check out Indie Game ‘Rom Check Fail!’ and get in some quality shooting time in the virtual console pick of the week!




9 responses

27 03 2008

Good show Will.

What is it with Sega, they used to be a company that consistently produced quality titles, but they’re happy to attach their name to some awful games now.

I think Sonic Unleashed is the last chance for the franchise. I hope its the great Sonic game we’ve been wanting all these years. If it ends up being no good I think they should abandon the series, once and for all!

27 03 2008

Good show as usual. I agree, King’s Knight was a very crappy game. I don’t know why they bothered to release it on the VC.

27 03 2008

Hey Will, how about doing a Wii-compatible internet game pick of the week? (I’m sure you could find a more consise and catchy title than that) Anyway, you could showcase decent games that can be played on the Internet channel. Also, how about a GameCube pick of the week? I never owned a Gamecube and I’m just randomly buying a few cheap GC games and trying them out on the Wii.

27 03 2008

Please set your Wii to 4:3 when you record it in 4:3 . Your Wii is set to 16:9 and that just looks wrong in the 4:3 Video.

28 03 2008

great show will, keep up the good work.

28 03 2008
mike hawk

If you can’t be bothered to play through a game, what teh fuck qualifies you to review it?

28 03 2008
Will D'angelo

@ Mike Hawk

Well Mike, It’s a TENNIS game. the main element of the game, TENNIS, is horrible. Most people are going to want to by this game because it’s a TENNIS game. TENNIS makes up 99% of the gameplay here and it’s horrible. It’s not like a 50+ hout adventure game here. I thoroughly played through the main tennis modes and they were crap. ’nuff said.

28 03 2008

you tell em steve dave

29 03 2008

Commondore 64 was released on VC in europe this week =D

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