Rock Band Wii: No Online, No DLC, ‘Similar to the PS2 Version’.

24 03 2008

According to a Joystiq interview, Rock Band Wii will be similar to the PS2 version. This means no Online(?), Character Creation, real World Tour Mode, making cash and gaining fans, etc. The game will shop with Wii White drums, Guitar and mic and will set you back about $170. With a game lacking all of the most fun features of the PS3 and X360 versions at the same price, I’m definitely skipping the Wii version. How sad.




4 responses

24 03 2008

thats sad… guess i have to buy the PS3 version then… *sniff*

25 03 2008
Saddam Insane

This is fucking bullshit. Teh Wii is just going to be something to tide us over until teh PS3 drops in price. Mark my fucking words. When we get our checks from Bushy boy for $600, alot of PS3’s are gonna leave the shelves. Nintendo once again leaves us holding our dicks.

25 03 2008

WHYYYYYY?!?! (I have the 360 version but I think this is just stupid and unfair)

26 03 2008

Mr.Insane, Nintendo isn’t to blame. It’s F***ing HARMONICS!!! Another 3rd-party developer that’s not using the full power of the Wii. Dammnit Harmonix no…just…no….>:(

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