5 Days of Okami – Day 5

24 03 2008

DAY 5 – Replayability
So we’ve finally reached the last day of Okami 😦 Lighten up! The game is dropping soon! April 15th to be exact! But today, were talking about the replayability of the game. Now, replayability is different to lots of people. To some, its all about the online multiplayer. To some, its about the side-quests and missions. To some, it’s all about the fun and wanting to experience the game multiple times. Okami translates well to the last two. Mini-games, and replaying the game to experience it all over again.

This is a bad thing, and not a bad thing all together. Much like Zelda, once I have beaten the game, done a few side thingies, the game is shelved. Possibly come back to the game once a year, maybe once in a blue moon. None the less, its something that needs to be played. Nowadays I find myself buying less and less of these single-player adventures. Reason being, I don’t have the time I did when I was younger to play games. So, when bang comes buck, I look more for multiplayer games. Games I can dive into right away for 30 mins to a few hours (ala Smash Brothers). But lets not fool ourselves. There always has been, and always will be a place for games like Okami, and other single-player adventure games. And if it wasn’t for this simple fact, games like Okami never would be.

The mini-games in Okami aren’t anything spectacular, but fun little diversions. Things from fishing, to find thing things for townsfolk is the name of the game. There’s also the classic returning to previous locations to find treasure, when you have acquired a new ability or weapon. Personally, once I beat this game again, the game will be shelved. I will come back to it, like I do many single-player games, once in a blue moon. But please don’t see that as a shot to the game, or a downside. Games like Okami, Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock, God of War and of course Zelda, all need to be in peoples vocabulary of games they have played. The stories, gameplay and sheer entertainment provided by these titles is pure candy. And why else to we play games? We play for the freedom, the fun, and the visual. We play because we can. And experiences like these, come once in a while. So relish the fact that the game has been ported to the Wii. Titles like this, are greatly appreciated.




3 responses

25 03 2008

You did a very good job, RewtBeer! I’m very glad you took the time to do this for us!

25 03 2008

same here bro. I appreciate it

25 03 2008

Aye, this has just re-confirmed for me the desire to get this game.
Good job.

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