The Wiicast Episode 82: Suffer, Like G Did.

20 03 2008

This Zombie-riffic episode of The Wiicast includes a review of ‘House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return’, More news about the unstoppable power of Smash Bros, a Virtual Console review by our old friend RewtBeer (Jonathan Rector) and much, much more. It’s Coming for you Barbara…




11 responses

20 03 2008

get a bloot test for syphilis? LOL good job Will.


20 03 2008
wilford brimley

Wii cast guy, stop trying to be funny.

And vc review guy… kirby’s graphics were the epitome of teh nes. Are you comparing it to teh ps3 or something? I dont get it. Try to be objective for christs sake. And balance teh fucking music at teh beginning. Its too fucking loud.

20 03 2008

that was a pretty good episode, two things bugged me though, the lack of viewer mail and the rewtbeer wiikly review, I like his reviews but when he’s on his own, but otherwise very good episode

20 03 2008

I must admit that after being a Nintendo gamer all these years Kirby has never appealed to me. I’ve never played one Kirby game.

20 03 2008
Jonathan Rector

Thanks guys!

This msg is towards wilford brimley (nice name by the way :D);

When I base scores on graphics, I do just that. I can’t take a time machine and go back to the past, nor can I disregard the fact that it’s the year 2008.

When the game first came out, I’m sure it was the cats meow in graphics, but by todays standards, they are lacking. Now, this is not to say it affects the overall game, most people go back to these old games for the gameplay.

So please don’t attack me based on “comparing it to teh (which is THE) PS3”. I’m basing it on todays standards of gaming. No single reviewer can ever meet the expectations of a set number of viewers.

20 03 2008
Will D'angelo

I have to get my footage from somewhere! LOL

20 03 2008
wilford dimly

I think that anyone who makes a game on 8-bit hardware for the nes would be hard pressed to do a better job than hal (or whoever the fuck did it) did on kirby. An 8 seems liek an arbitrary number which holds no water with me. Just watch the opening when they draw the little round shitball. Tell me one other nes game that even comes close in presentation. Blah blah blah.

20 03 2008

@ Will

Keep doing it. I thought it was a perfect end. I saw it and was like yesss people with Syphilis are zombies! LOL. or people who are zombies have syphilis. lol.

it’s awesome. and uh wiicast guy keep trying to be funny. the humor is getting a ton better! Plus humor to an intro to your film is like way perfect. just don’t try and do it everytime, unless you think of something perfect. I mean, i wouldn’t want you running onto stage not doing well 😡


21 03 2008

While I like that Rewtbeer will probably get more recognition, I have to say I’m a bit sad he doesn’t have his own bit now. I actually watched the Wiiview this week just to get to his section.

As for the graphics score, I’m fine with it. Sure it might have been great on the NES, but I personally wouldn’t say it deserves a 10/10 at all. When I played it the graphics were fine, but I was never really excited about them. 8/10 was a good score for me.

22 03 2008

Rewtbeer has to go…Stuttering Stanly Stuttering Stanly Stuttering Stanly

30 03 2008

Nice Night of the Living Dead reference there, Will! 😉

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