5 Days of Okami – Day 2

20 03 2008

DAY 2 – Gameplay
Yesterday, we touched on a few things. We talked about how great the game looks, how it plays, and how it sounds. Today I wanted to focus really on the meat of this game. Its gameplay. Like any other action-adventure game out there, there’s not much new in the combat sense. As opposed to Zelda, where fights really do take place everywhere, think of Okami more as a Devil May Cry style fight system. Not so much in combos, but arena based.

At first, I was turned off by this. It’s really the one thing that Zelda does so well, and to hear it wasn’t going to be this way, made me think twice about buying the game. I was actually not going to buy this game based on that. Thankfully, I did anyways because the game is fantastic.

Some may say that it is a short-coming in the battle system, but it’s exactly the opposite. For anyone who has touched a Devil May Cry game, you know what I’m talking about. With having an arena system, it keeps you focused on the battles. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to of had the fights be open like in Zelda titles, but the combat is really unique.

I don’t want to ever give any spoilers in any of these topics, so I have to be vague in certain areas. In Okami, you will get additional weapons to use. It’s the formula that’s always worked in action-adventure games, and it’s not going to change for some time. But the single most refreshing addition to this game, is the Celestial Brush. With it you can cut rocks and/or tress, hell, even in battle you can bring it up and cut enemies. Basically, the best way to think of it is like this;

“So your fighting in an arena. You press the Celestial Brush button, and the screen tilts. The screen gets semi-faded out to resemble ancient canvas. Then, the Brush shows up. Now, depending on the spells you have learned, you apply strokes. The simplest being the line through an object. This casts the spell that allows you to naturally, cut things.”

This can be applied to enemies, or things blocking your path, such as rocks or trees. Hell, that’s the beauty of this game! All the hidden things you can find by playing around with all of these. I am very eager to see how this plays out using the Wii-remote to paint these strokes. In the PS2 version, it worked, but analogs never feel natural.

Don’t forget the puzzles. There’s always their fare share of them, and Okami treats you right. The bosses are the classic style of bosses. Trying to memorize their patterns, and weaknesses. Like I said before, the only thing holding Okami back from perfection, is its easy difficulty. I cannot remember if there is a hard mode, but Okami never seems so easy that it is boring, or pointless.

See y’all tomorrow for part 3 of 5 Days of Okami!!




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