5 Days of Okami – Day 1

19 03 2008

Well, here we are guys! Today will start my 5 day look at Okami. Just a note, I have not played the Wii version, but I have played the PS2 version. All of these will be based on getting the hype up for this awesome game! So without further delay,

DAY 1: Initial Opinion
Okami is an incredible game. Everything from the story, to the beautiful graphics is to the tee, AWESOME. Most people compare Okami to Zelda, which in all honestly, is a decent comparison. In both games, basically the same fundamentals are there. Puzzle solving, weapon upgrades, and one wild adventure. Okami is no different.

Firstly, the artwork is incredible. Everything looks like it has been done in water colour. The animation is classic Capcom. Everything in the game has its place, and everything fits inside it. It makes you look at games and truly see them as an art form. If I could call this a moving water colour painting, I would. The animation of your main character Amaterasu, the visual flair, everything is splendid.

The gameplay itself, like I said earlier is very Zelda-ish. But that’s never a bad thing. Hell, most action-adventure games you could say are very Zelda-ish. The Japanese influence all over this game is VERY abundant. From the locales, to the style. Amaterasu has basic attacks that you would expect from a wolf, but you will find additional weapons later on. Obviously the big draw here, is the Celestial Brush. Basically, what the Brush boils down to is this, your magic. At the beginning of the game, the brush will do simple things like cut rocks and trees, even damage enemies. Later in the game, the brush will allow you to do things such as turn night into day, and summon powerful winds.

Music. Music and sound effects are a wonderful thing. They either help, or hinder a game. When you think of your top 5, top 10 games, can you remember their sound tracks? Damn straight you can. A true testament to the game itself. Okami has a wonderful soundtrack, that is so engrossed in Japanese culture, its hard to miss. The simple fact is this; Okami is truly and in every sense of the word, Artwork. And when playing and hearing both these come together, it’s truly an experience.

If there were one negative thing to nail this game on, is its difficulty. It’s decently easy. It is possible to complete the game without even seeing the game over screen, but the ride is so enjoyable, its overseeable. Not forgivable, but overseable. Stay hyped for tomorrow boys and gals, where we take a look at Day 2 of Okami: Gameplay.




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