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18 03 2008

It’s nice too see Rewt join the cast, I myself haven’t been able to post much myself, Brawl has kept my hands tied. But I’ll get right too the Point.

After also Listening to Epileptic Gaming’s ‘Faces for Radio’ I thought about Nintendo’s place as well. Now, while it’s true, Nintendo hasn’t had Blockbuster 3rd Party titles like the other Next Gen systems. I think what the Wii has had up to this point hasn’t been bad, we’ve had Nintendo’s excellent First party games obviously. And we’ve had some decent 3rd Parties as well. DBZ, while it’s online component was lacking, I know quite a few who enjoyed the Wii-remote Controlls personally. Zack and Wiki was another supreme title for it’s Originality. No More Heroes was also another very well done Wii title. And while there have been alot of Ports to the Wii, some have done very well. Resident Evil 4 Wii edition worked perfectly, and like some other games i couldn’t go back to playing their Original form.

I could go on, but I love a lot of the 3rd Party Wii games, games like One Piece Unlimited Adventure, and the Rayman games for example. I realize that there seems to be a pause between all the Big Releases, and I know shovel ware is Pushed out. A lot of Wii owners know this by now, But I don’t think this will go on for much longer. Coming soon we have quite a few cool games, at least from my Perspective. Mario Kart Wii looks pretty sweet, and I can’t wait to play Okami since I missed the PS2 version. And even I would like to play some WiiFit.

“Is that all?” That seems too be what I’m hearing the most. What is next for the Wii, we have the Gift that is Brawl, and then what? Everybody seems to be freaking out because Nintendo hasn’t announced whats beyond the Horizon. Well, I look forward to this Year’s E3. Reggie says the wii will be in full force the second half of the year. And I have my faith. To me the Wii isn’t just a second system, I have no 360 or PSTripple. And not because I’m a Fan boy, It’s more of a money issue.

Anyways I’m dragging this on I’m sorry. What I want to say is, if you think things look bleak for Nintendo, or more importantly 3rd Parties. Just give them a chance, not the shovel ware pushers but the companies who can see what the Wii can do. I look forword to the rest of the Year, if anything I get to play some Tales of Symphonia 2 thanks to Namco Bandai.




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18 03 2008

preach it brother

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