5 Days of OKAMI

18 03 2008

Ok guys! I’m glad to see my last point get so much debate! That’s what I’m talking about! Peoples opinions, peoples views, all beautiful stuff. Today however, I’m going to talk about whats coming! Over the next 6 days (starting tomorrow) were going to take a look at one of my most anticipated titles, Okami. Now, I’m not sure how many people had to chance to play this on the PS2 or not, but I was fortunate to have been one of the lucky ones, and let me tell you. We are all in for one special treat with Okami.

What I’m going to do, is structure the 5 days Okami like how I do my reviews. The posts will be based on Initial Opinion, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and finally, Replayability. I’ll go more in depth later, but until then…start getting EXCITED!!!




One response

18 03 2008

hey Rewt
I think this site is great
and i’m glad to see you more active

any response to your RE:UC review?

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