Rewtbeer’s Final Smash

17 03 2008

Hey gang! First, I wanted to say thanks for all the people who sent me their Friend Codes for Smash! I’ll be adding them all today, and hopefully, see some of you online! Secondly, I wanted to talk about “Rewtbeer’s Final Smash.” Basically, all it is, is something that I will post here and there about some thoughts about the Wii. Sooo, lets get started!

I just wanted to talk about the games. What the hell? Where are they? Listening to Epileptic Gaming’s ‘Faces for Radio’ show with Will on it, really made me think. Seriously though? Where are all the games? I can’t blame Nintendo. Really, they make great games, and 80% of the reason why I bought a Wii was for their first party efforts. But come on. I can see some 3rd party games trying to get some game time, but dang. Zack and Wiki? Awesome. No More Heroes? Not sure, didn’t play it. But from what I hear, its good. All I’m trying to point out here is, the lack of 3rd party games. Whether that’s due to the fact that Nintendo is dominating its own market within the system or what.

It’s also the reason why I bought a 360. Great 3rd party support there (granted the first party games are good, but Halo? Not a big fan). I find that a lot of people who own a Wii are buying PS3’s and/or 360’s. Why is this? Tired of waiting the 3-5 months between Nintendo first party games? Personally, that’s why I bought a 360.

After typing all this, I’m not really sure anymore what the point of this rant really is. To sum it up, we need some SERIOUS help out there. We need developers to step the hell up, and start cranking out great games for the Wii. Take a nod from Zack and Wiki and make something good. Hell, I look at the release list for the Wii and what do we have to really look for? Mario Kart? What else?

At least we have Smash Brothers 😀




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17 03 2008

thanks for nothing

17 03 2008

Your post = Too True.

17 03 2008

I agree. 3rd parties need to make good games and not just crappy ports with waggle controls.

17 03 2008

Ewwww jpg quality, save your image in png or tif.

18 03 2008

The probalem isn’t so much 3rd party support. It’s the lack of excellent 3rd Party games.

I blame this not on Nintendo but on the 3rd Parties. They go out and make half assed party games instead of giving us deep game play.

However the list of 3rd Party games hasn’t been as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

3rd Party Games that have been praised.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
No More Heroes
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Zack & Wiki
RE: The Umbrella Chronicles
and a couple more I could mention.

Even in your own reviews you have praised the DBZ games for Wii and those are 3rd Party. Also Rock Band is also coming this year as well.

Even the next month we are to be blessed with two ports: Bully and Okami which I look forward to picking up.

So the 3rd party games are coming but it’s just going to depend on the 3rd Parties to get up off their butts and make games the hardcore and the casual fans want to play and understanding how to use the Wii’s controller at the same time.

I’m also enjoying the full 1st and 3rd Party support for the VC as well.

Yes I own an Xbox 360 as well but I still think the Wii still has just as many good points as the 360. In both games and as bringing something new to the industry.

18 03 2008
Jonathan Rector

I see what your saying. All I was trying to say is, we need NEW games from 3rd parties. Not these remakes/ports.

18 03 2008

Save it tif?!?!?!? WTF?!?! You get the same lossless quality with png but it actually comprises the image. Plus not all web browsers can support tif images.

18 03 2008

What made the Nes,Snes and N64 so great consoles was the fact that they had a full third party support. What the wii needs right now are games like Goldeneye or Street fighter. If i think back at my N64 i can clearly remember the fun of playing mario kart,super smash bros AND GOLDENEYE. But i can’t really understand if it is all nintendos fault right here.

How can nintendo force Ea or konami to create great games for the wii? I don’t think that nintendo can do it in anyway. Third parties go where the money is. And for sometime the money was on the Playstation and Xbox brand. Now things are sligthly changing since Wii is selling too much consoles that maybe third parties will get interested.

Another great problem for me is that it is easier to make a great looking game than to make a good playable game. So third parties often cheat gamers giving them wonderful looking games that are a shit to play (motorstorm for example). Wii in my opionion forces a developer to create new game mechanics and this is hard and it needs a great effort. It is not hard to take GTA3, update the graphic, create new missions and say “Hey we have GTA4”. It is far way harder to start from blank and create a new concept. I think third parties are scared about it.

BUT i still think the wii can be the console for some games like the fps for example. I can’t see how the six axis can give the player a better control scheme over the wii (pointing) mote. Why we still don’t have a Cod4 (revised for wii) version on the horizon? We have it on the ds but not for the wii. MAYBE sony and microsoft are paying activision to not create a wii version of the game. Cod4 avaible on the wii can surely boost more the sales of the wii dropping down the sales of Xbox and play3.

Wii has a lot of potentials also in terms of internet play. Nintendo uses the friend codes and that is clear. They stated that they don’t want to have competitives games out of theyr franchises. But i don’t think they have ever said to a third party developer “You MUST use friend codes”. I think that some developers are already trying to skip them. On the ds some games skip the friend codes. So why we can’t have a developer creating a good wii internet experience? Maybe again sony and microsoft want to have an exclusive on that and they pay a lot for having it.

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